• supplier for cable & pipe seals
  • gas-& watertight & fire stop solutions
  • flexibility
  • possible retro-fit installations

Flexible solutions

The adaptable Roxtec cable entry solutions give you an advantage on the global market, from engineering to on-site installation. Thanks to Multidiameter™, our technology based on sealing modules with removable layers, there is no need to worry about the cable configuration or the size of the cables used locally. You are always provided with a practical and safe standard sealing solution – that makes a perfect fit.

User-friendly system

Our seals are easy to install, and you can seal several cables of different sizes in one opening. The entire installation can be completed from one side, and the large frame opening even allows you to route cables with lugs or connectors through the transit. This is how we help contractors, installers and operators to keep up the high speed.

Faster roll-out

To stay competitive, you must be able to act quickly. Standardization with one supplier of sealing solutions will reduce stock, lower handling costs and enable time-savings during commissioning of turbines. Our solutions help on-site installers to ?nish their job before schedule. Customers further improve their logistics by choosing our tailor-made kits.

Future capacity built-in

When time has come for maintenance or upgrades, you will not regret having chosen Roxtec. You can open up the sealed cable entry, add cables or perform last minute changes, and then re-seal the transit again. This work can be done quickly, without any spare parts, whenever the opportunity occurs.


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