GfM Gesellschaft für Maschinendiagnose mbH

  • online condition monitoring systems
  • offline condition monitoring systems
  • diagnostic service for offline-measurements
  • frequency analysis

GfM Gesellschaft für Maschinendiagnose mbH is a specialist in the diagnosis of industrial gear units with roller bearings. In addition to vibration diagnosis on drives, torque analysis and inspection, endoscopy and rotor blade bearing diagnosis on wind turbines, measuring devices for mobile machine diagnosis and online condition monitoring systems are developed and sold. In addition, the GfM offers seminars on the subject.

By means of vibration diagnosis, it is possible to detect the smallest irregularities in gears and rolling bearings at an early stage. These irregularities can be damage to rolling bearings, gears and shafts, imbalance and misalignment. In this way, the operator of machines with mechanical drives gains status information that makes it easier for them to plan maintenance and protects them from unplanned downtimes.

Mobile and online systems are available to collect data. The support of the systems and the processing of the data are realized with the help of the software Peakanalyzer Manager, with which data from other sources can also be processed fully automatically.

GfM was founded in 1999 and has been independent ever since. The diagnostic reports and expert opinions have a neutral character.


    Peakanalyzer - the full automatic CMS

    Condition Monitoring systems which work by means of the vibration diagnosis are able to detect smallest irregularities at drives of a wind turbine especially at the gearbox at an early... [More]

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