GfM Gesellschaft für Maschinendiagnose mbH

  • online condition monitoring systems
  • offline condition monitoring systems
  • diagnostic service for offline-measurements
  • frequency analysis

GfM was established in 1999 and offers machine diagnostic and metrological services and therefore the required offline measurement equipment as well as the Online Condition Monitoring system "Peakanalyzer". Moreover, GfM offers seminars about machine diagnosis and vibration diagnosis.

By means of the vibration diagnosis it is possible to detect smallest irregularities at the drive train of a wind energy turbine especially at the gearbox at an early stage. These irregularities can be for instance damages at rolling bearings, gears and shafts, imbalance and alignment errors. That way the operator of a wind turbine generator gets information on the condition, which facilitates the maintenance and saves him from unplanned shutdowns.

The CMS "Peakanalyzer" does not need a learning phase and only a relatively small support effort. This is achieved through the integrated DVS-analysis in the device which makes the analysis of irregularities largely automatically. During the development of the system and the method a great importance was set on the data quality. The analysis occurs preferably in the order spectra which are created by resampling. Furthermore, it is possible to attach a particle counter at the 16 channelled system for the lubricant analysis. In addition, the message of several events or conditions can be activated which means for example that a wind turbine generator does not run although there is wind.

The GfM is independent. There exist absolutely no commitments to replacement part distributors, maintenance companies or insurance companies for the drive engineering. The diagnosis and expert reports are consequently neutral.

Our offers:

  • Online Condition Monitoring systems (CMS)
  • Offline-diagnosis systems
  • Offline-vibration diagnosis
  • Torque measurements and torsional vibration analyses
  • Seminars


    Peakanalyzer - the full automatic CMS

    Condition Monitoring systems which work by means of the vibration diagnosis are able to detect smallest irregularities at drives of a wind turbine especially at the gearbox at an early... [More]

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