• patented hydraulic torque-wrenches from 50 Nm to 115.000 Nm
  • Turn by angle - mainte-nance-systems until 48.000 Nm
  • Boltiung-Documentation- and Controllsystems
  • hydraulic pumps until 700 bar
  • HYTORC-Clamp mechnical Load-Nuts
  • HYTORC-LOADDiscs and Nuts
  • Sockets from 1/2 Inch to 3 1/2 Inch
  • Adapters
  • Hydraulichoses
  • Backup-wrenches

Construction-site-suitable, torque-rotation-angle assembly process to VDI 2230: Fully-automatic and suitable for use on construction sites.

The torque rotation angle process, which up to now has been used only in the automotive industry, is usable for the first time on construction sites as well, particularly in the assembly of wind power plants.
A computer-aided documentation program, developed by HYTORC, records all data in the form of a bolt curve with text protocol. This stored data cannot be manipulated.
Already existing HYTORC standard square torque wrenches up to 48.000 Nm and pumps are of course retro-equipable. HYTORC guarantees that faults, possibly occurring during the bolting process, can be identified and analyzed immediately.
The documentation, automatic guidance and control is implemented with the aid of the DDW software, which is linked to the hydraulic circuit and is very simple to operate, and a standard notebook. By means of remote control, everything is handled automatically; measuring, bolting, controlling - all are matched!

Intermediate disk with new properties: The AXIAMATIC disk

The AXIAMATIC disk system from HYTORC is a genuine world innovation. This is because it is capable of extending nuts and bolts to a pre-stressing force, with low torsion and free of side loading and reactions. This is implemented in a few seconds, until the hydraulic torque wrench has reached the set-adjusted torque, and then disconnection occurs automatically. In this case, the nut or the bolt is neither overstretched, nor can bending loads arise within the AXIAMATIC disk system.
The trick here is that an ideally synchronized combination of forced and precise torquing and the usual commercially-available, lubricant-coated nuts is involved. A constant good repetitive accuracy is thus achieved for the pre-stressing force.

The most rapid and exact pre-stressing force stretching-process: CLAMP

With the installation of three-element HYTORC clamp extension nuts, it is now possible to achieve the required assembly pre-stressing force continuously and successively. This comes about:

  • Rapidly (considerably under half a minute per screwed connection),
  • Extremely exactly,
  • With measurement capability and repeatable precision,
  • Torsion-free,
  • Side-load-free,
  • With safety in working and for the system,
  • With very low minimization of human factors, due to ease of operation.

All component parts of this new machine element are in a force flux during the entire bolting procedure. Thus no settling losses arise in the screwed connection. In the case of the three-part HYTORC clamp extension nut, the coefficient of friction, the thread forms and the material are correspondingly optimized. Indications of scoring and thread damage are almost impossible. The HYTORC clamp extension nut can always be unscrewed and reused and has more favorable space characteristics than standard nuts.

The extension nuts are tightened and loosened with the usual standard, lightweight hydraulic torque wrenches. The required pre-stressing force is directly controlled in this case. The three-part HYTORC clamp extension nut replaces traditional standard nuts of all standards, hydraulic extension cylinders, pre-stressing elements with multiple-use bolts, as well as other extension processes.

Continuously rotating hydraulic torque wrench without reaction lever arm.

The new XXI hydraulic torque-wrench is the first continuously rotating hydraulic wrench in the world. And it is up to 3 times faster than anything used up to now. The XXI is both a torque wrench and pre-stressing force wrecnh in one. Due to its design, the XXI is handy and optimally positionable. Through the employment of the AXIAMATIC disk or the HYTORC clamp extension nut, no reaction lever arm is any longer necessary.
Further highlights are the reliable, fast double-hose system, the patented torsion retainer ratchet system and the hydraulic connection rotatable through 360°. The roughly serrated drive system and the patented safety clutches are also included.

New CTS change-cassette hydraulic torque-wrench

A novel system increases working speed. The CTS is also suitable for very cramped applications. In addition, the CTS possesses a new automatic click-on system for simple cassette change.

Lightning fast hydraulics units, up to 700 bar

HYTORC pumps are available in both two and three stages, suitable for use with all voltages used worldwide or air driven. All electrical HYTORC pumps are approved to VDE and EMC. They have very high discharge values with very low weight. With less than 69 dB(A), the pumps are also especially silent. All pumps are air cooled and thus best suited for every type of employment. The operator simply presses the automatic button of the remote control and the bolting together comes about in a controlled way and, as it were, independently.



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