Akzo Nobel Hilden GmbH

  • rotor blades coatings
  • corrosion protection systems for offshore and onshore
  • leading edge protection
  • repair system
  • individual system solutions and consulting service

AkzoNobel operates in a number of segments, with an extensive portfolio of innovative products, services and technologies in many segments. Through its wide range of trusted products, AkzoNobel provides the essential protection needed for the whole of the wind turbine, offering a single point of contact and capitalizing on its operations from over 80 countries.

The RELEST product range offers leading protection for rotor blades, with very high abrasion resistance, outstanding flexibility and top level UV resistance helping to achieve lasting protection for operating times of up to 20 years.

With coatings for every aspect of a wind asset – including onshore, offshore and substations AkzoNobel can rely on their extensive track record of 25 years in the wind industry and over 40 years in protecting structures offshore. In addition, a rigorous testing program in house and at world renowned external test houses to ISO 12944, ISO 20340 and NORSOK M-501 standards means you can be confident that AkzoNobel has the solutions to meet your needs. As well as a global support infrastructure, AkzoNobel is committed to partnership working, with a centrally dedicated power market, experienced salespeople and NACE and FROSIO qualified technical sales representatives local to your business. AkzoNobel is in a position to assist with your project from the specification writing phase, through construction, surface preparation and paint application to ongoing maintenance and repair.

In the field of industrial paints, we distinguish between pre- and post-coatings. Pre-coatings include e.g. Coil coating lacquers. This is used to coat steel and aluminum strips, so-called coils, before further processing in the construction, equipment and vehicle industry. Post coatings are used as powder and liquid lacquers for a wide range of industrial applications; they are used, for example, for coatings for household appliances, agricultural machines, facades, wind turbines, heavy corrosion protection in shipping and on land.

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