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    ... Leosphere is specialized in LIDAR (Laser – Radar) atmospheric observations. The company offers turnkey and user friendly remote sensing...
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    RSC GmbH
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    Ammonit Measurement GmbH
    ..., sun tracker etc.) Remote Sensing Systems (Lidar and Sodar) Communication systems (GSM, UMTS, Satellite, etc.) Power supply systems (Solar...
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    ... Highest Quality, reliability and enthusiasm: w i n d h u n t e r offers met masts, measuring systems and wind measurements by met mast, Lidar...
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    GWU-Umwelttechnik GmbH
    ... GWU-Umwelttechnik offers sensors and systems that measure wind, wind profile, and meteorology. GWU’s portfolio: Lidar-remote sensing...
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    GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH
    ... also use remote sensing methods such as LiDAR measurements. For reduced forecast uncertainty of the report, we will conduct wind measurements...
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    Ge:Net GmbH


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    Lidar measurement
    ...Ge:Net leases lidar measurement cubes. The lidar measurement cube is delivered in a trailer which provides shelter against vandalism and has an energy autark power supply for the lidar.     ...
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    ...The WINDCUBE®v2 lidar remote sensor provides 200m vertical wind profiles on various possible locations, mapping wind speed and direction, turbulence..., and wind shear. It is the most accurate, compact and robust wind Lidar ever manufactured. It is an active remote sensor based on Laser Detection...

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    Face to Face with the Wind 26.10.2016
    ... of LiDAR technology. After five years of practice in ground-based LiDAR measurements for the purpose of wind resource evaluation, the experts from BBB... at the particularly complex site. In the next assignment the ZephIR DM LiDAR device will be operated at a wind farm project in Sweden.   ...
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    Ecofys WTTS to support development of community owned 300 MW wind project Zeewolde 12.09.2016
    ... measurement campaign is expected to take at least one year. At a later stage, Ecofys WTTS may also conduct LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) measurements to complete the wind resource picture. ...
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    Catapult delivers first blade leading edge erosion measurement campaign 16.08.2016
    ... and focussed on an offshore windfarm, used LiDAR technology to accurately measure the power performance impact of blade leading edge erosion by assessing... of the Measurement Services Department at RES said: “RES were delighted to support ORE Catapult in this groundbreaking innovative project. The ZephIR LiDAR...
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