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  • Wind measurement
  • Wind measurement masts up to 200m
  • According to IEC 61400 und TR6
  • Lidar measurement
  • Rope access technique

Wind Energy Company Profile: Ge:Net GmbH

Ge:Net offers turnkey wind measurement masts including measurement system as well as installation and dismantling service. The wind potential can be determined even at remote site. Currently masts are available up to 200 m height.

Wind measurement campaigns are necessary to make long-term investment profitability analysis their results give clues to choose the right wind turbine and can be used for wind atlases.

As the wind power increases with the cubic power of the wind velocity small errors in the estimation of the wind velocity have an enormous effect on the expected energy yield. Therefore it is strongly recommended to measure the wind velocity with a very precise stationary measurement system.

According to site demands Ge:Net delivers and assembles measurement masts in various heights with appropriate measurement systems. Measurement data are recorded on site and as required sent to the customer via GSM/GPRS or satellite. Due to the modular mast system from Ge:Net and the individually programmed data logger all customer demands can be complied easily.

Even at the remotest sites Ge:Net assembles measurement masts, alls systems operate flawlessly even under heavy conditions.


    Steel Lattice Mast

    Ge:Net GmbH

    kleines Logo Ge:Net GmbH

    From 100 m to 200 m height: measurement at hub height Steel lattice galvanized, climbable Modular Design: Height according to customer’s desire, even existing masts can be extended Specially designed for wind measurement: minimal influence... [more]

    Tilt-up steel lattice mast

    Ge:Net GmbH

    kleines Logo Ge:Net GmbH

    Up to 90 m height, steel lattice, galvanized, climbable Assembly with gin pole or vertical with climbing crane Installation of all sensors, cables and technical devices on the ground when choosing horizontal assembly with gin pole. More efficient assembly and... [more]

    Custom-designed measurement system

    Ge:Net delivers measurement systems configured according to customers specifications. Only exclusively high quality sensors are installed. Data are collected with different data logger from well-known manufacturers. The data are transferred via modem with GSM or satellite. The... [more]

    Pressure sensor type Ge:Net

    Factory calibration incl. certificate [more]

    Lidar measurement

    Ge:Net leases lidar measurement cubes. The lidar measurement cube is delivered in a trailer which provides shelter against vandalism and has an energy autark power supply for the lidar.     [more]

News - Ge:Net GmbH

Global: Ge:Net develops new Tilt-up Mast System

23.06.2016 Global: Ge:Net develops new Tilt-up Mast System

Ge:Net has developed a new steel lattice mast system. The system allows both erection types: With gin pole as well as with element over element method. Using the gin pole all components and sensors can be installed on the ground thus the costs for assembly are reduced by 30 to 50 % compared to the element over element method.
... [more]

Laos: Ge:Net delivers measurement systems and equipment for 15 masts to Laos

22.06.2016 Laos: Ge:Net delivers measurement systems and equipment for 15 masts to Laos

Ge:Net got a major order for the equipment of 15 mast with measurement technique and special booms in Laos. In addition to the delivery of the components Ge:Net will conduct the assembly including a training of local engineers and technicians. The masts are 100m high and are distributed to 15 sites in the southern part of Laos.
... [more]

Africa: Dr. Carsten Ropeter accompanies Sigmar Gabriel to Egypt and Morocco

17.06.2016 Africa: Dr. Carsten Ropeter accompanies Sigmar Gabriel to Egypt and Morocco

Ge:Net GmbH, represented by managing director Dr. Carsten Ropeter, was chosen to accompany the German minister of economics Sigmar Gabriel on his delegation journey from 16th til 19th April 2016 to Egypt and Morocco. The focus of this journey lay on the renewable energies.
... [more]

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