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  • GE's LM Wind Power begins production at new wind turbine blade plant in Turkey 07/11/2017
    ...GE's LM Wind Power begins production at new wind turbine blade plant in Turkey LM Wind Power opens new blade plant in Turkey The blades... farms LM Wind power, Turkey, plant, blades LM Wind Power, a GE Renewable Energy business and leading designer and manufacturer of wind turbine...
  • LM Wind Power successfully completes installation and test of 66.5 meter offshore blade for Hitachi's 5.2MW wind turbine 06/08/2017
    ...LM Wind Power successfully completes installation and test of 66.5 meter offshore blade for Hitachi's 5.2MW wind turbine LM Wind Power Provides new... Blades for Hitachi's Offshore Turbine Thes have been tested 66.5 meter wind turbine blade in Japan. LM Wind Power has successfully completed...
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    Forestalia Selects GE Renewable Energy to Provide 1,200 MW of Wind Power in the Largest European Auction to Date 05/20/2017
    ..., including its Engineering Center of Excellence in Barcelona. The wind turbine will be manufactured in Salzbergen, Germany, and blades by LM Wind Power, which was recently acquired by GE Renewable Energy and has production plants in Ponferrada and Castellón. The project will be supported by GE’s service center in As Pontes. Jérôme Pécresse, President and CEO of GE Renewable Energy congratulated Forestalia on the success of the recent auctions in Spain, highlighting the importance of technology collaboration in Europe. "We are very pleased to be closely collaborating with Forestalia on a project that will drive renewable energy growth and cost competitiveness in Europe. GE is immensely proud that the turbine that will equip the future farms is a European product with the nacelle produced in Germany in addition to the towers and blades manufactured in Spain”. Forestalia’s success in recent years is based on the great development of its projects. All of which are well under way and have been properly identified and assessed to meet all administrative and technical requirements. Forestalia provides a flexible and efficient business model that meets the needs of the renewable energy industry today. Progress on the 2016 tender After receiving approvals from the Government of Aragón on August 30, Forestalia is preparing for the construction of the first 300MW wind farm. Forestalia’s Activity in Spain, Italy and France Forestalia was founded in Zaragoza in 2011 From its Aragónese roots, Forestalia has been consolidated with a national and international focus on promoting renewable energy development. Forestalia plans to have a pellet and chip factory in Erla (Zaragoza) and has energy crops in Spain, France and Italy. ...
  • LM Wind Power continues global expansion with announcement of fourth Chinese factory in Baodi 05/18/2017
    ...LM Wind Power continues global expansion with announcement of fourth Chinese factory in Baodi LM Wind Power Builds Another Factory in China LM Wind Power continues... global expansion with the fourth blade factory in China. LM Wind Power, a world leading designer and manufacturer of blades for wind...
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    GE Renewable Energy Selected by HECIC to Provide 199.5 MW of Wind Power in China 05/12/2017
    .... The turbines installed at the Senjitu III wind farm will include blades manufactured by LM Wind Power, which was recently acquired by GE Renewable Energy. Together, these projects aim at providing an additional 199.5 MW of power for the region. The deal also includes GE’s Digital Wind Farm solutions and a two-year warranty. The wind turbines will provide enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 800,000 homes in China. The Qiansongba & Senjitu III projects in Fengning are strategically located near Beijing, which is currently facing a clean energy shortage and committed to replacing coal fired power with cleaner energy sources. The energy generated from these wind farms will supply the nearest North China Power Grid and aid Beijing in its transition to clean fuels. This project also directly supports the country’s goal of increasing its wind power installations to over 200 GW of total capacity by the end of 2020, as a step towards a larger target of producing at least 15% of overall energy output from renewable sources by 2020. Pete McCabe, President and CEO of GE’s Onshore Wind Business said, “This is a significant step forward for both GE and HECIC in China, and this deal will help to expand HECIC’s renewable energy presence in China. Together we will now be delivering more than 1 GW of wind power in country. We are committed to continue our investment in technology that will bring high-quality, reliable power to the region for many years to come.” The Qiansongba & Senjitu III wind farm will utilize GE’s technology and be backed by a two-year warranty. GE will also implement our Digital Wind Farm solutions to further enable HECIC’s digital transformation journey. GE will provide software to support wind operations including Asset Performance Management, Operations Optimization including eSCADA, reliability management and fleet excellence. The full project installation of Qiansongba will occur in two phases throughout 2017, with the completed projects scheduled to begin commercial operations by the end of 2017. ...
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    Catching More Wind: GE Acquires World’s Largest Turbine Blade Maker 04/22/2017
    ...Catching More Wind: GE Acquires World’s Largest Turbine Blade Maker LM Wind Power Officially Part of GE Until now, GE was the last major wind turbine... the coast of Rhode Island. Each as tall as the Statue of Liberty, the turbines use 600-foot-long blades made by the Danish company LM Wind Power attached to a 6-megawatt Haliade generator made by GE Renewable Energy in France. GE, LM Wind Power, blades, turbines, aquisition, GE Reports Two months before they came online, GE said it would acquire LM Wind Power for $1.65 billion. The deal was just completed. The Block Island wind farm, the first offshore farm in the U.S., isn’t large, but it’s a part of a global trend. Worldwide investment in renewable energy set a world record in 2015 at $286 billion. Half of all new power generation capacity came from renewables that year. International Energy estimates that renewables will be the primary power source within 25 years. Above: The five turbines at the Block Island Wind Farm have enough capacity to supply 17,000 U.S. homes with electricity. Image credit: GE Reports. Top: LM Wind Power’s blades en route to Block Island last year. Image credit: LM Wind Power. GE and LM Wind Power are on the leading edge of this trend. GE has shipped more than 30,000 wind turbines since entering the market 15 years ago. LM Wind Power builds rotor blades for the industry’s bread-and-butter 1.5- and 2-megawatt wind turbines, as well as 8-megawatt behemoths with rotors spanning 180 meters, or roughly the length of two football fields. It has factories in the U.S., Denmark, Spain, Poland, Canada, India, China and Brazil. About one in five of the world’s turbines use LM Wind Power blades. GE says the change of ownership won’t affect the blade maker’s business with non-GE customers. “With LM Wind Power, we’ll be local in more markets, have greater flexibility in turbine design and supply and increased ability to reduce product costs, all of which are good for competition in the industry and the growth of wind power,” said Jérôme Pécresse, president and CEO of GE Renewable Energy. LM Wind Power builds rotor blades for the industry’s bread-and-butter 1.5- and 2-megawatt wind turbines, as well as 8-megawatt behemoths with rotors spanning 180 meters, or roughly the length of two football fields. Image credit: LM Wind Power. Until now, GE was the last major wind turbine maker without blade-production capability. By tightly integrating blade and turbine design, GE hopes to enhance the performance of its turbines, reduce the cost of energy and boost its $9 billion renewable energy business. That’s because longer blades can harvest more wind and make power cheaper. LM Wind Power’s wind turbine blades made from a unique blend of carbon and glass fiber and other materials are the lightest in the world. At nearly 300 feet (88.4 meters), they are also the longest. These oversized blades for the 8MW turbine help the machine achieve the highest annual energy production (AEP) from an offshore wind turbine. Twenty-five years ago, the Danes were also the first to move wind power generation offshore, and LM Wind Power has been playing a key part. “Our hybrid technology is more cost effective than a full carbon blade and also much less sensitive to manufacturing defects, a key element to making a reliable blade,” said Marc de Jong, LM Wind Power’s CEO. “Our blades have been manufactured with sufficient quality and reliability to withstand a quarter-century offshore in the world’s harshest weather conditions and roughest seas.” LM Wind Power has manufactured more than 185,000 blades since 1978, enabling 77 gigawatts of installed wind capacity. The company calculates that the turbines deliver an annual savings of more than 147 million tons of carbon dioxide. The company also holds 669 patents covering 160 separate inventions and generates as many as 27 new patent applications annually. “The deal gives us the ability to integrate blade design and production into our wind turbine business, allowing us to compete better in the fastest-growing segment of power generation,” Pécresse said. LM Wind Power will benefit from access to GE’s Industrial Internet software. “We plan to invest in the LM Wind Power business while integrating digital industrial capabilities to enhance LM Wind Power’s offerings,” Pécresse said. “Together, we will become a growth engine for the company and the prototype business for the new digital industrial GE.” GE says its “digital wind farm” software and solutions can deliver as much as 20 percent more energy from existing wind farms. “Our goal ultimately is to deliver total wind farm packages that maximize electricity output while reducing the cost of electricity to each local region,” Pécresse said. “In doing so, we create more value for our customers, and thus more value for GE. We plan to integrate digital and advanced manufacturing technologies and expand in key wind growth areas including India, China, Brazil and Europe.” LM Wind Power has manufactured more than 185,000 blades since 1978, enabling 77 gigawatts of installed wind capacity. Image credit: LM Wind Power. ...
  • LM Wind Power lays first stone at Cherbourg blade factory 03/25/2017
    ...LM Wind Power, one of the world's leading manufacturers of wind turbine blades, announced that work on its new factory in Cherbourg, Normandy, has commenced. This was marked with a foundation stone ceremony at the construction site, chaired by French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, in the presence of industry and representatives from the local partners, including Normandy region, the Manche Department, the local community of Cherbourg and the port authority, Ports Normands Associés (PNA).  The company brings an initial investment of more than EUR 100 million into the development of the Cherbourg site which is expected to grow to a capacity between 1.2 and 2.0 Gigawatts (GW). The ramp up to production of blades destined for European offshore wind farms is expected during 2018. The company aims to begin hiring and training after the summer, with a plan to reach more than 550 people at the facility once the first production lines are in place. The training will start in a new Center of Excellence, to provide the skills needed for a new strategically important green business. The plant is scaled for future growth and is already in the initial phase expected to generate 2,000 further indirect jobs in the local area. "LM Wind Power is open for offshore business in Cherbourg!" said Alexis Crama, LM Wind Power's Vice President Offshore.  "We are delighted to celebrate the laying of the first stone together with our partners for one of the largest inward investments in Normandy by an industrial business for many years. With this facility, we are hoping to attract both existing and new customers that will develop the offshore wind industry with us. Together, we will develop and produce reliable and high performance ultra-long blades that will continue to drive down the Levelized Cost of Energy from offshore wind to the benefit of people and the environment."  LM Wind Power CEO, Marc de Jong, added: "The offshore market in Europe provides significant opportunities for growth in the coming years and we are proud to be right at the center of that development with this new Cherbourg blade plant. We thank GE Renewable Energy for their support to this second-to-none project and we look forward to welcoming many new customers and hundreds of French colleagues into our global family." ...
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    Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of LM Wind Power Holding by General Electric Company 03/21/2017
    ...General Electric produces onshore and offshore wind turbines. LM Wind Power designs and manufactures blades that are sold to General Electric and its competitors as a component for the wind turbines. The Commission's investigation focused on the effect of the transaction both on the upstream market for the manufacture and supply of wind turbine blades, as well on the downstream markets for the manufacture and supply of onshore and offshore wind turbines. General Electric has a relatively small market share in both onshore and offshore wind turbines. Although LM Wind Power has a significant market share, its market position has been decreasing in the past few years and in-house blade production also has to be taken into account. Based on the results of its market investigation, the Commission concluded that competitive concerns would be unlikely to arise after the transaction because: GE would not be in a position to significantly affect the upstream market. In particular since competing blade manufacturers would continue to have access to wind turbine manufacturers other than GE. In relation to the downstream markets, GE would continue to face significant competition from other major turbine manufacturers, such as Siemens, (MHI) Vestas, Nordex and Senvion, who either manufacture their blades in-house and/or are not dependent on LM Wind Power for supplies. Therefore, the Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition would not result in a significant reduction in competition in the EU's Single Market. Companies and products General Electric is a global manufacturing, technology and services company that is made up of a number of business units. GE Renewable Energy is the business unit that produces wind turbines for onshore and offshore use on a global basis. It also services wind turbines, primarily for its own installed fleet. LM Wind Power is active in the design, testing, manufacturing and supply of wind turbine blades, both in the EEA and worldwide. ...
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    LM Wind Power Eyes French Market 02/24/2017
    ...LM Wind Power Eyes French Market The French offshore wind energy sector is in the starting holes and companies are getting ready to enter... the lucrative market. Now rotor blade manufacturer LM Wind Power has announced the construction of a new factory in France. LM Wind Power, rotor blades, factory...
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    Zigzag Provides More Yield 02/02/2017
    ..., LM Wind Power and the ECN have developed a new rotor blade tip, which can increase the power generation of a farm between two and six percent. For this purpose, a zigzag shape was designed to increase the turbulence at the boundary of the wake of the plants, thus increasing the overall yield of the farm. This modification, however, makes the turbines louder. The new intelligent blade tips were installed in a first field test in the ECN test center in Wieringermeer on 2.5 MW turbines. Ozlem describes the test site: “This demonstration was unique. A full-scale experiment in an operating wind farm was performed. Then tips were installed on the blades of the wind turbines in such manner that they could be removed afterwards. The method for installation and removal has been an innovation by itself, and required close cooperation between ECN and LM Wind Power.” The test results on the 80m rotor blades showed that an increased wind power performance of up to six percent can be achieved through the special blade tips. With a new method, the ECN was also able to measure relatively low power increases. Ozlem makes it clear that the end of research is still far from being achieved and continues to rely on the interaction of the research center with LM Wind Power: “Great results are encouraging to continue designing models and demonstrating blade tips. Together we aim to lower costs of wind energy.” (The graph on the right shows what the ECN is doing in the area of wind energy research.) The noise levels of offshore turbines thus modified compared to onshore systems have not been published in detail yet. Since there are high requirements of noise reduction with a limit of 160 decibels during the installation of the foundations (at least in Germany), it remains to be seen whether the noise of the zigzag tips has an impact on the local fauna and would therefore have to be regulated. ...
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