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    Ge:Net GmbH
    ... Ge:Net offers turnkey wind measurement masts including measurement system as well as installation and dismantling service. The wind potential can... demands Ge:Net delivers and assembles measurement masts in various heights with appropriate measurement systems. Measurement data are recorded on site...


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    Pressure sensor type Ge:Net
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    Lidar measurement
    ...Ge:Net leases lidar measurement cubes. The lidar measurement cube is delivered in a trailer which provides shelter against vandalism and has an energy autark power supply for the lidar.     ...
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    Custom-designed measurement system
    ...Ge:Net delivers measurement systems configured according to customers specifications. Only exclusively high quality sensors are installed. Data...

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    Ge:Net succeeds at Husum Wind 2017 09/27/2017
    ...Ge:Net succeeds at Husum Wind 2017 Successful Husum Wind 2017 for Ge:Net Brisk, busy and successful... „This year’s HusumWind was brisk, busy..., Managing Director at Ge:Net GmbH Ge:Net, Husum Wind, fair Ge:Net used widely the opportunity to greet visitors and exhibitors with its prime position in hall...
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    Ge:Net and Ammonit carry out joint project in Cuba 05/23/2017
    ...Ge:Net and Ammonit carry out joint project in Cuba Wind Measurement in Cuba by Ge:Net and Ammonit Wind energy is a promising energy source... state with a coast line of over 3700km. Ge:Net, Ammonit, cuba, wind measurement The Cuban energy policy decreed by the council of ministers in june...
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    Global: Ge:Net develops new Tilt-up Mast System 06/23/2016
    ... with professional climbers. The new tilt-up steel lattice masts from Ge:Net are flexible and autonomous. They can be assembled without heavy gear... conditions. Ge:Net is now even more competitive on international markets due to the new tilt-up mast system. This is shown by first orders...
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    Laos: Ge:Net delivers measurement systems and equipment for 15 masts to Laos 06/22/2016
    ...The shipment started already 10th of June one week earlier as promised. The assembly shall start before end of June. Ge:Net will conduct a broad... availability is to low the data logger stores data internally for at least six months. Ge:Net was capable of providing all necessary components...
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    Africa: Dr. Carsten Ropeter accompanies Sigmar Gabriel to Egypt and Morocco 06/17/2016
    ...Ge:Net GmbH has already built up good business connections in Egypt and has delivered and installed several wind measurement masts. These good...

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