• Power yield
  • Doppler-sodar measurements
  • Lidar measurements

RSC comes along with the wind business some decades ago. Our main focus lies on measurements with remote sensing devices and on power assessments. We are accredited according to DIN ISO 17025 and therefore able to provide you with reports and calculations going conform with the regulations.

We have own devices but are also able to maintain your measurements. You will be serviced by a competent staff. All devices are running according to the guidelines. They will be verified regularly against anemometer at met mast. Measurements in complex terrain will be treated with CFD-modelling and sensitivity tests.

For transferring wind statics and calculating the power yield of a wind farm in homogenous terrain we use Wasp. At forested and complex sites we prefer meteodyn. This CFD-tool shows very good results if it can use measurement data from the site. We can do this measurements for you but we will also take in your own data. In a series of projects we found out the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

We also analyse the site conditions, especially for turbulence intensity and IEC-class.


    Performance Check

    A broad part of our work meanwhile addresses performance checks. After initial operation one want to know what happens. Were the prospects too high? Is it a temporary calm or... [More]

    Remote Sensing

    Measurement with remote-sensing-devices, meaning Lidar or Sodar, have some advantages compared to usual anemometer measurements at a met mast. The continuously profile up to the upper tip... [More]

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