Inspecting off-shore wind power plants

We can also master the special challenge of inspecting off-shore wind power plants. Through its logistical exposed position in big distances on sea and unfavorable sea and weather-conditions the inspection is far more complicated then with on-shore plants. We constantly bare in mind that these plants are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as salty air, wind and daily solar radiation which demands special and essential requirements.

We use the special technique being first of all highly efficient in inspection but also optimizing check-ups costs to a minimum still achieving a perfect result during inspection.

Process sequence

Inspection of wind power plant and its rotor blades is done by helicopter via high-solution optical and thermic camera. Both cameras are fixed in a symbioses on a frame. This frame construction can be installed easily on other helicopters. First of all pictures are taken out of the helicopter from the whole park and then of each wind power plant. During this maneuver there is no need to cut the electricity production.

For the inspection of all typical three rotor blades the plant has to be stopped for a while in the Y position so that the helicopter can fly from the hub height onwards along each blade by scanning the front and rear of its surface. Details of damages are scanned and saved in order to have a reference for next inspections. A further inspection after repair and maintenance is recommended.

The entire evaluation is carried out by sticking to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024 standards.

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