Milling machines for wind tower production

Constantly rising demand and increasing standards lead to changes in the production technologies of wind towers. Also the continuously increasing cost pressure and global competition request manufacturers to question their production technologies and consider new technologies for their production.

The welding seam preparation plays an important role in the production of wind towers. The plate edge milling technology is already well known for a long time in the production of grounded pipes and gas pipes. The advantage of the milling machines compared to flame cutting machines is the high accuracy and precision of the prepared welding seam. The growing height of the wind towers makes using of thicker sheets necessary. The milling technology is able to prepare an exact welding seam profile by using of flexible milling tools. The working process guarantees maximum accuracy by an easy and cost saving working process.

Especially the possibility of preparing U-groove seams speeds up subsequent welding processes enormously. The high precision and accuracy of the processed parts supports an easy and fast assembling process. MFL offers appropriate solutions for wind tower producers – starting from milling of the sheets up to the processing of the finished, rolled up and tacked pipe sections. One of MFL’s targets is to advance and refine existing systems constantly to satisfy the rising quality and capacity demands of our customers. As an expert in manufacturing special machinery, MFL meets up with the requirements and demands of the customer during engineering and manufacturing phases. In order to guarantee an economic working process and high availability of the machines, MFL is using only high quality components and latest state of the art technology. The machines are working fully automatically in three shift operation and guarantee a high quality output.

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