The innovative training concept from szenaris

Our training concept “pure LEARNING” constitutes a real novelty in the field of training concepts. It is based on the latest research insights and offers real solutions to traditional didactic problems. The basis is a cognition-oriented theory (constructivism), which assumes that people “construct” the world differently in their minds and therefore have different experiences with different knowledge. This has a direct impact on the way people learn –individually different.

Compared to conventional training concepts, there are several differences:

  • Learning is oriented to the requirements of the learner rather than to the demands of the teacher and the curriculum.
  • By creating direct references to real-life situations, each learner manages the according tasks in a self-guided, practise-oriented and individual way.
  • Individually acquired knowledge is persistent knowledge.
  • Instead of one general way to learn things for all learners, there are different learning paths offered for different types of learning.
  • The trainer is perceived as a consultant for the learner rather than a teacher who sets learning aims and controls the learning process.
  • Trainer and learners are “experts on different levels” who solve problems interactively.
  • The concept is based on the three foundations “cooperation”, “communication” and “simulation”.

With “pure LEARNING”, we enable our customers to optimize the use of e-learning in blended learning environments and to achieve the desired effects (cost and time savings, better learning results). With “pure LEARNING”, the effectivity of learning can be considerably increased compared to other learning concepts.

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