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For construction and operation of offshore industrial facilities special weather forecasts for the individuallocation are provided by Deutscher Wetterdienst. Meteorological consulting is designed user-friendly on customized request and refreshed several times per day. It includes all relevant weather and sea parameters, evenforecasts for wind direction and speed for various heights above sea level. In case of difficult weather situation a consulting meteorologist is at command by phone. Forecasts for the areas of the North Sea and Baltic Sea up to 78 hours in advance are based on our high resolution numerical model with mesh size of less than 7 kilometres. These computations are executed several timesper day achieving a high degree of accuracy. The accuracy of forecasting for the following day reaches 90 to 95%. Further reaching prognoses are provided by the global numerical model of DWD reaching an accuracy of forecasting near 85% with a 5-days-forecast. Continuous balancing with corresponding results of other scientificweather services assures a high degree of continuity supplying customer with meteorological products. Summary of meteorological information available for offshore consulting:
  • Synoptic situation and overview both text and graphic form
  • Forecasts listed in tabular form for freely selectable locations
  • High resolution display in time and space of all relevant meteorological parameters
  • Forecasts for wind direction and speed for various heights above sea level
  • Refreshing of information several times per day
  • Individual consulting by qualified meteorologists on demand
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