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NRGSync has extensive know-how and experience in international projects and is unique in its technical orientation for industrial and commercial applications. It offers solutions for heating, cooling, electricity and water and thus covers a large part of the energy requirements for applications from small to large power ranges.

In addition to wind-thermal energy generation, the range of products and services also includes solutions for energy generation from hydropower. Sewers or currents are sufficient for this. The products, which can be used in a decentralized manner, ensure a comprehensive supply and do not require any space, such as solar systems. All EPC services are also offered by NRGSync.

Products and services:

Extreme power consumption, such as our high-performance emiwa®, ensure an energy consumption of up to 132 Kw and immediately release it back into the network. This system was developed for express trains in Europe.

Our completely self-sufficient pillar street lamp does not require any existing infrastructure apart from a little wind and a little sun. It can be installed easily and doen’t only illuminate it’s surroundings completely independently, but also has an integrated monitoring system for creating so-called invisible fences that react to movements.

It produces approx. 3600 kWh p.a. but only requires approx. 1800 kWh p.a. to operate. Connected in series, the current surplus can easily be redirected into the grid via our storage system, or used in decentralized charging stations.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Precise, patented techniques
  • Numerous national and international project developments in realtion with landfill dismantling for the production of alternative energies
  • Many years of experience: first project developments for Ethiopia were carried out in 2010
  • Now also actively used in countries like Kazakhstan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Ethiopia, and many more.
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • No running costs
  • Low investment, die Installation, die Entwicklung flächendeckender Projekte zur Reduzierung

Desired projects

NRGSync not only desires projects, but also uses its know-how and its own products to develop holistic state solutions. The symbiosis between all areas are key here. Economic, social, political as well as diplomatic aspects ensure holistic and sustainable solutions in favor of a population structure and those responsible. We want close cooperation on a government level and offer holistic solutions for energy generation. Not only for charging infrastructure projects, but for the creation of decentralized energy generation infrastructures for people in non-industrialized countries.

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