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Multiaxial fabrics

Multiaxial interlaid complexes

In comparison with crimped fibres, as found in woven textiles for instance, straight lay-up (non-crimp) fibres have the greatest possible load-bearing capacity. Composite components manufactured from non-crimp fabrics (NCFs) permit the ideal transmission to the component of the generated forces – in the direction of loading – by specifically adjusting the fibre orientation.

In comparison with standard reinforcement textiles this delivers either reduced component weight for identical mechanical characteristic values, or a higher component loading for the same component weight.

SAERTEX fabrics are available for all matrix materials. Hybrid multiply structures together with a quasi-isotropic layer structure can further improve the component’s characteristics where required.

  • fibers, weight and orientation are freely selectable
  • stretched fibres for optimal mechanical strength
  • cost saving due to less layers


Multiaxial fabrics: https://www.saertex.com/en/products/multiaxial-fabrics

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