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Core material for composites:

SAERfoam is our structural core material with 3D glass bridges. SAERfoam replaces conventional core materials such as PVC, PET and balsa in an innovative manner: Ultralight foam (PU/PE/PIR) is combined with 3D glass reinforcements. The result is SAERfoam, an extremely low-weight hybrid core material with mechanical properties that can be individually optimised. This offers a multitude of benefits for your production process

  1. The material characteristics can be defined as needed
    SAERfoam - our core material for composites - can be individually configured. Strength, weight and material costs can be adjusted by changing the density and alignment of the 3D glass bridges and altering the type of foam used.
  2. Simple to process
    Even complex geometries can be formed using the cutting blade. SAERfoam provides fissures that ensure the optimised and rapid flow of resin.
  3. Save time thanks to services and systems
    SAERfoam offers grid patterns for simple draping and – on request – can be supplied with pre-cut contours or as a complete construction set (pre-assembled kits). SAERfoam can be supplied as a sandwich system with multiaxial interlaid complexes and a LEO fire-resistant layer.
  4. Stronger than PVC – lighter than balsa
    For long components in particular, such as the rotor blades of wind turbines, SAERfoam exhibits up to five times greater shear stiffness in comparison with PVC. Even compared with balsa wood, SAERfoam still delivers better strength: SAERfoam is significantly lighter while still maintaining the same mechanical characteristic values.
  5. Compatible with all resins
    SAERfoam is compatible with all resins made by leading manufacturers – this has been verified in practice and during laboratory testing.
  6. Reliable delivery quality
    Certificates from Germanischer LLoyd (GL ISO 9001) and the Marine Division of Bureau Veritas (BV) confirm the highly reproducible and homogenous quality of SAERfoam in comparison with renewable raw materials. It has therefore been verified that SAERfoam  - our core material for composites - can be supplied in large quantities and to a consistent quality standard.


SAERfoam®: https://www.saertex.com/en/products/saerfoam

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