The Insensys Product Range

Insensys products are designed specifically for the Wind Energy market sector to offer high performance and reliability and have been proven through numerous field and bench test comparisons. In this article, the company describes its products, wind energy applications and market expectations

The Insensys Product Range

Over the last 5 years Insensys has developed a range of sensors and sensor interrogator units to meet the differing needs of OEM, systems integrators and turbine operators. Specific systems have been developed to cater for in-factory installation to new turbines and retrofit installation to turbines that are already operational.

The OEM-1030 is a 3 channel sensor interrogator unit has been developed specifically for direct integration within the wind turbine hub cabinet or pitch system and is designed to interface directly with the turbine's PLC or blade pitch controller. The OEM-1030 is already enabling turbine manufacturers to implement advanced turbine pitch control routines by providing a reliable and accurate load signal input for the turbine¬Ęs control system. Intelligent status and warning alarms enable the system to detect and respond to periods of structural overload and issue warnings and error signals to the PLC to prevent damage to the turbine structure occurring.

The ENV-1030 fibre optic measurement unit is designed for stand alone hub installation and can be quickly retrofitted to operational turbines. The ENV-1030 has been designed to offer customers a range of configuration options and can interface directly with the turbine's PLC, blade pitch controller or an existing condition monitoring system. Optional rotor Condition Monitoring, data-logging and black box analysis packages provide the operator with a full analysis of the turbine rotor performance analysis tools enable the turbine productivity to be tracked over its operation lifetime.

The Insensys FSI-1000 is a cost effective range of fibre optic load measurement systems designed for measuring and recording the structural strains and loads on wind turbine blades and structural assemblies during component design verification, static and dynamic test and GL certification. The FSI-1000 is designed to measure a high number of sensors over a large measurement range with high resolution and high data rate.

In addition to the range of Sensor Interrogator Units Insensys has also developed a range of sensor deployment techniques that enable fast and efficient factory or retrofit installations. These have been designed to enable manufacturers to install multiple load sensors into turbine blades with a minimum of intrusion into the blade manufacturing process. Each Insensys sensor systems is custom designed to suit each manufacturers blade design, materials, measurement process and connectivity requirements to ensure that the optimum result is achieved.

Future Expectations

Advanced measurement technologies are already being designed into next generation turbines for active control and structural health monitoring applications. As turbine sizes continue to increase Insensys expects that this trend will continue with more advanced sensor deployment strategies being adopted enabling smarter next generation control systems and maintenance strategies to be adopted.

Insensys will continue to develop its product platforms and data analysis packages to ensure that the load measurement requirements of next generation turbines are met and that we remain at the forefront of load sensor technology. We will continue to support our global customer base se whilst maintaining our high levels of performance, reliability and support for our customers.

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