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Discover the potential of the third dimension: In addition to the fibres that are oriented at 0° and 90°, SAERTEX 3D fabrics and SAERTEX 3D billets have an additional vertical reinforcing fibre that runs through their entire thickness: the so-called Z fibre. This innovative textile design can be manufactured from various raw materials such as glass, carbon, aramid or even ceramic fibres and metal wires.

With its innovative 3D fabrics and 3D billets, SAERTEX is driving the market for multiaxial non-crimped fabrics (NCFs) a decisive step further and is opening up entirely new possibilities for the composites sector: 3D fabrics and 3D billets are even better suited to the high mechanical demands of boat building, the offshore and sporting goods industries, the production of commercial storage containers and the manufacture of vehicles for local public transportation, than are the conventional 2D fabric designs. At the same time they are significantly stronger and can be more easily and quickly processed.

  1. Increased impact resistance of the finished component
    Protection against delamination – thanks to the structural reinforcement in the Z axis throughout the thickness of the material: The Z fibres that are embedded through the entire thickness of the material prevent delamination, the most common failure in composites.
  2. Greater strength and no crimping of the fibres
    No stress spikes and no reduction in the strength of the textile thanks to the effect of fibre orientation. Higher strength components (compared with laminate materials made of 2D fibres) ensure increased performance of the individual parts or allow a weight reduction of the respective end product/component.
  3. Time savings when laying-up in the component mould
    Thanks to the reduced number of layers, heavy textiles with larger fibre diameters ensure faster processing when laying-up, cutting and placing the fabrics on the fibre preform.
  4.  Faster infusion rates, faster lamination
    Excellent flow characteristics thanks to the 3D design (double the infusion speed in comparison with composite materials made of 2D fabrics) mean the faster manufacture of thick and large components, and therefore greater productivity.


3D Fabrics: https://www.saertex.com/en/products/3d-fabrics

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