New Tower Development by ATS

ATS has solved the transport problems of towers by developing a tower of which the sections are vertically divided in three or more slender segments made of high-quality precast concrete. The so-called ATS tower can be combined with a conventional tubular steel tower sections on top (hybrid tower). The segments are easy to transport by ordinary trucks, hence no special transport is needed. The installation of the entire tower takes not more than a week and can be done under most weather conditions.

The ATS tower is economically attractive, especially now the steel prices have increased dramatically. The break-even of the hybrid versus steel is around 90 to 100m hub height for the NW-European situation where the transport and installation costs of steel towers are normally around 5-6% of the total tower price. For countries like USA, India, China and Australia, the transport and installation costs are relatively higher; in some cases up to 10-20% of the total tower price, because of the long distances or transport problems in mountain areas. Because of its proven and worldwide applied concrete technology, the concrete segments of the ATS tower can be produced near the site, saving considerable transport costs. For these cases, the ATS tower concept is already competitive at a hub height of 80m.
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