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Electric torque wrenches alkitronic EFCip/ECWip

A perfect fit for the wind energy branch: electric torque wrenches alkitronic EFCip/ECWip

Wind Turbines have to resist heavy environmental burdens. Therefore, high quality bolting connections are necessary to guarantee the power plants’ security.

The torque wrenches alkitronic EFCip and ECWip ensure reliability, high torque output and a fast working pace within the bolting process. The torque wrenches, featuring a processor controlled shut-off electronic, automatically stop the bolting process as soon as they reach the preset torque. This method is much faster in contrast to the working pace of your old hydraulic wrench. Our tools are equipped with efficient brush-free synchronized motors that don’t require maintenance and are low-wear. Since they rotate continuously, our tools reproduce torques extraordinary precisely.

Constant torque precision in all international networks makes alkitronic EFCip and ECWip torque multipliers your first choice. Even when it comes to difficult conditions (i.e. construction of offshore wind farms). They can also be run in combination with power generators from 100-253 V without suffering from losses in precision.

Advantages of EFCip/ECWip at a glance:

  • consistent torque precision in all international electricity grids (100-253V/45-66Hz) (repeatability ± 3% for identical joints)
  • reliable operation in combination with power generators even under electricity fluctuations
  • protection art IP54 ensures working in any kind of weather (dampness, rain)
  • low running costs due to maintenance-free, low-wear synchronized motor
  • quality bolting according to the tightening torque/angle method
  • intelligent processor controlled shut-off electronic for a constant exact reproduction of the pre-set torque
  • long lasting thanks to robust motor housing of aluminum casting

alkitronic is represented through a worldwide services and sales network. Do you want to learn more about us? Visit our website www.alkitronic.com/en or simply call.

alki TECHNIK GmbH, Unterlettenweg 4, 85051 Ingolstadt, Tel. 0841/97499-0, info@alkitronic.com, www.alkitronic.com/en


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