The WINDCUBE®v2 lidar remote sensor provides 200m vertical wind profiles on various possible locations, mapping wind speed and direction, turbulence, and wind shear. It is the most accurate, compact and robust wind Lidar ever manufactured. It is an active remote sensor based on Laser Detection and Ranging technique. The wind Lidar principle relies on the measurement of the Doppler shift of laser radiation backscattered by the particles in the air (dust, aerosols). Wind Lidar is the only remote sensing technology to measure the absolute speed of the wind in the industry, which makes the ultimate candidate to match the high accuracy wind energy measurements standards. WINDCUBE®v2 features : - No internal moving parts, 45W power consumption and an all-weather IP67 enclosure (offshore compliant). - Universal satellite data transfer and available stand alone power supply (WINDCUBE® power pack). - WINDCUBE® CFD software engine for optimized measurements (1% accuracy) in complex terrain. A good wind measurement strategy including a WINDCUBE®v2 Lidar allows the reduction of several sources of uncertainty in the wind resource estimation, leading to higher leverage in the financing. On a 20MW basic wind farm project, the developer can save 1.5M€ in the equity investment and strongly increased the Rate of Return of its company equity. Web site: http://www.lidarwindtechnologies.com/ Brochure: http://www.lidarwindtechnologies.com/pdf/windcube.pdf

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