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The adhesives in the SAERfix product group, that have been developed and patented by SAERTEX, simply make the positioning of multiaxial interlaid complexes of glass, carbon or aramid easier. Fabrics finished with SAERfix EP and SAERfix UP are self-adhesive. Thanks to SAERfix, using additional spray adhesives is a thing of the past when laying-up technical textiles in the mould.

  1. Time-efficient
    Using SAERfix reduces the time needed for lay-up – especially in vertical moulds (e.g. for rotor blade manufacture or boat hulls) – by up to 50 percent. Spraying with additional adhesive for positioning is no longer necessary. This saves money.
  2. Simple handling - automated lay-up possible
    SAERfix is easy to handle: The exact positioning the fabric is simple, even on highly curved surfaces. And even in situations where something doesn’t fit exactly, fabrics finished with SAERfix can simply be removed and then reapplied as needed. Even an automated lay-up process is straightforward using SAERfix.
  3. Reproducible quality
    In contrast with other commonly used fabric adhesives, SAERfix EP has virtually no influence on the mechanical characteristics of the laminate. Thanks to its elasticising effect, its fatigue resistance has even been improved in some cases. Unlike using individually applied adhesives, SAERfix ensures the reproducible and even distribution of the adhesive agent across the fabric.
  4. Environmentally safe
    In terms of presenting a hazard to water, SAERfix is absolutely harmless. A well-known environmental analysis laboratory has classified SAERfix as being “not hazardous to waters”.
  5. Individually adaptable to your applications
    Depending upon requirements, SAERfix is available on woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics and peel plies – or on separating paper for self-application. SAERfix can even be supplied in combination with SAERcore, our patented product range of sandwich complexes with freely selectable core and covering materials, for the series production of a wide variety of components.


SAERfix®: https://www.saertex.com/en/products/saerfix

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