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Intelligent crimping and cutting: with the new tool generation “Safety Plus” from Klauke

A good deal more intelligence, higher-performance and ergonomic design than ever before – this is a promise of the new generation of battery powered Crimping and Cutting Tools from Klauke which are being introduced and presented under the name “Generation Safety Plus”. This includes the ”in-line” style Klauke crimping tools of the mini+ series and the Klauke ultra and Klauke ultra+ in a pistol shaped design available both as crimping and cutting tools as.

These tools have been continuously enhanced and particularly stand out due to the integrated intelligent supplementary functions. A technical highlight is the “Intelligent Pressing System” with integrated pressure sensor, which precisely measures the oil pressure during every crimping cycle ensuring the correct force has been achieved. If a deviation from the set operation pressure is identified an acoustic signal sound and a red signal flashes. This ensures the highest safety for the user during every individual crimping cycle. This immediate crimp control without equipment such as PC or Laptop is a feature only being offered by the new tool series “Generation Safety Plus” from Klauke.

All tools are equipped with high performance 18 V Lithium-Ion batteries offering at same weight a 50% higher capacity. A maximum charging time of 15 – 22 min makes the batteries very efficient. For all tools a 230 V mains adapter is available. Thanks to a two-component grip, the tools lie economically in the hands allowing a fatique-proof operation without slippage and pressure marks. This is supported by the well positioned centre of gravity. Clever: When switching-on the tool a white LED illuminates the work space.

Crimping tools of the Klauke mini+ series are available in three different versions. All tools allow maximum accessibility even in hard to reach areas due to a slim crimping head which rotates 350°. Also very practical is the one hand operation and the automatic and manual retract.

The Klauke ultra series in a pistol shaped design is also available in three versions for crimping and cutting up to 300 mm2. The tools feature a two-stage hydraulic system with quick feed and power stroke. Quick stop, autostop, automatic retract and automatic retraction stop (ARS) are further features of these tools.

In terms of technical features the Klauke ultra+ series is identical with the ultra series, however, with additional characteristics: these tools are suitable for crimping up to 400 mm2 including wide crimps, they feature a manual retraction stop (MRS) with “teaching” for cutting tools. It’s the only tool which cuts armoured cables up to 105 mm dia. with a cutting force of 120 kN.

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