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ONDA Energy

ONDA Energy is:

  • Reliable

It is made by components which already proved to be reliable in the standard products, and all components having low MTBF such us electrolytic capacitors and fans have been removed.

  • Light and compact

Even though it has a quite large radiant section to limit IGBT's thermal oscillations, the innovative liquid-cooled structure assures an unexpected size for such a high-power product and a light weight.

  • Versatile

It can be combined with any kind of generator available on the market, both 3phase and 6phase. It can operate as control master of the generation plant thanks to a powerful PLC built-in. it can be connected through Dc bus with the yaw inverters and, taking suitable care, even with the pitch inverters (our Wave3 inverter line is fully compatible). It communicates to the outside directly or indirectly with the most common protocols.

  • Modular

It is possible to parallel up to 30 Onda Energy inverters by using only one master control, assuring the power management up to 40MW.

ONDA Energy Versions

ONDA Energy can control the generator in 3-phase or 6-phase line:

  • 3-phase with diode rectifier bridge for synchronous generators
  • 3-phase double-fed
  • 3-phase full-power with 3-phase AFE
  • 3-phase full-power with 6-phase AFE
  • 6-phase with diode rectifier bridge for synchronous generators
  • 6-phase full-power with 3-phase AFE
  • 6-phase full-power with 6-phase AFE



Dynamic braking

The control for the braking resistor can be supplied integrated in the unit.


Field control

The field control can be supplied integrated in the unit with an auxiliary feeding for the starting phase.



Modules for encoder, resolver, sin/cos encoder are available to be mounted on the AFE/Power board.



Through flat cable can be connected to the AFE/POWER board optional modules with digital I/Os digitali or analog inputs at 12 bit/16 bit with variable gain.


Serial communications

We can supply modules for additional serial communications:





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