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Rotor blade service

Rotor blade service

Rotor blades are some of the parts of a wind energy unit that are most exposed to the force of the elements and environmental influences. Working on rotor blades requires great experience and expertise. Highly-qualified employees trained in the specialist field and the use of rope access techniques draw up an individual, expert assessment for all blade types and towers ‑ and every application purpose.

Range of services:

● Repair and maintenance of rotor blades of all kinds

● Internal and external rotor blade assessment with photographic documentation

● Lightning protection measurement

● Examination of blade connections for damage and seal

● Inspection of the tip mechanism and guide cones

● Examination of drainage openings

With the use of rope access and platforms our service team is able to promptly recognise even small defects, rectifying these quickly and economically. This is the only way to prevent them from developing into significant areas of damage. Possible negative consequences of this would be significant downtime.

Flange processing

For many years now our parent company, AMBAU GmbH, has been
a leading manufacturer of tubular steel towers and steel foundations
for the wind energy sector. This extensive experience has been
utilised in the meantime to develop quality improvement measures,
including the retroactive processing of tower flanges using a mobile
surface milling unit. This facility enables us to work on flanges with a
maximum diameter of 5,800 mm and reduce the rippling and incline
to a minimal permissible level. Ideally, this work is performed directly at our plant, for example on foundation components and tower segments, in both vertical and horizontal versions.

Should it prove necessary to work on a foundation component that
has already been installed on the construction site, reworking of
flanges is also possible offshore and onshore with provision of the
necessary auxiliary crane and adequate power supply.
Many manufacturers use post-processing of tower and foundation
flanges at the plant and on the construction site to improve their
quality. Our mobile milling units are ideally equipped to conduct
high-quality work to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.


Offshore or onshore, wind energy plant or wind park: AMBAU
Windservice GmbH fulfils your expectations in every field. Our
highly-qualified and experienced team of specialists has been
erecting and installing wind energy plants since mid 2009, quickly
and efficiently. Repowering is a further area of activity of AMBAU
Windservice, which also manages the dismantling, renewal and
modernisation of your wind energy plant where required.

Additional specialist training such as the BOSIET qualification and
involvement in the installation of the first German offshore wind
park, alpha ventus, off the coast of Borkum bear further witness to
the expertise of our staff on the high seas. Every AMBAU staff member is also experienced and qualified in the offshore field. The AMBAU team is on hand to answer queries and can draw up an offer for you that corresponds to your needs and requests.

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