Our wind energy experts develop user-friendly automatic CFD software:

MeteodynWT dedicated to wind resource assessment from plain to complex terrains. You can get 3D wind farm resource assessment (estimated production), local wind characterization, local and regional mapping of wind resource even in complex terrain. Available options: 64 bits version / Multiprocessors / Wake effect / virtual reality / Forecasting Module It is distributed all over the world to the leaders of the wind energy industry.

For more information visit the new dedicated MeteodynWT website:




UrbaWind Small Wind dedicated to wind energy production assessment in urban and industrial areas. You can get wind production assessment of small wind turbines considering any kind of buildings and all wind data you need to optimize your small wind turbines location. For more information:





Meteodyn offers consultancy services at all stages of a wind farm development for more accurate and reliable results based on CFD computations.


  • Standards studies: Topographical file processing (terrain data)
  • Met Mast sitting (optimization of the met masts location and visualizations)
  • Wind data set transfer from a meteorological station to the site (wind rose on the site)
  • Met mast data set analysis based on computation (analysis report)
  • Wind data file correction (corrected wind measurement)
  • Wind data file correction based on MCP Method (on-site wind measurements analysis and selection of the most appropriate meteorological station)
  • Wind resource mapping (wind characteristics of the site)
  • Micro sitting (analysis report)
  • Production assessment (wind farm production for each wind turbine and each wind direction sector)
  • Wind energy production forecasting


We are at your disposal for any other particular request.

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