Norwolf T-Con base bolt tensioner

Alltite is proud to introduce the Norwolf T-Con base bolt tensioner which is constructed of superior alloy steel. The T-Con will tension tower foundation bolts off the same pump used for hydraulic wrenches.

The T-Con operates at 10K psi and is available in single or double line on 2-stack tensioners. This saves thousands of dollars versus buying dedicated tensioner pumps that go to 20K psi or higher.

The T-Con can be used with an integrated puller or in most cases by simply using the base bolt nut as a puller. There is a built in safety cap which eliminates chance of over stroke and has a built in auto spring return for single and hydraulic return on double line. Most come with standard 3/8" stroke and are "milled" to fit in restricted areas.

The T-Con comes with either a pin type or Missing Link (with built in 3:1 multiplier) for nut tightening. The bridge accommodates the Missing Link or probe socket.

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