AMSC Power Systems

AMSC Power systems to successfully connect wind farm power to the electrical grid:

AMSC's D-VAR® product, which comprises an integrated array of AMSC's PowerModule(tm) power converters, offers a powerful yet cost-effective way of regulating and stabilizing voltage levels by injecting dynamic reactive power (VARs) into the power grid at precise locations where voltage problems can occur. D-VAR systems can be utilized in a wide range of applications including, voltage regulation and instability, var support for wind farm interconnection to the grid, and optimizing power transfer on stability limited transmission networks. Photo is of an AMSC D-VAR installation at a wind farm (photo courtesy of American Superconductor)

Wind turbine designs and technology transfer licenses:

AMSC Windtec® engineering has been developing wind energy converters for more than 10 years. Their "Building Your Own Wind Turbine" designs range in power from 650kW up to 10MW. They provide complete customer-specific design and development of high quality wind energy systems and work with their customers through the first reference turbine, assembly and certification process. Pictured is a wind turbine designed by AMSC Windtec for a Chinese manufacturer (photo courtesy of American Superconductor)

Superconductor cable projects to transmit huge amounts of new energy:

Superconductor electric power transmission cables deliver significantly more power than conventional cables, helping reduce grid congestion as well as installation and operating costs - all with low environmental impact. Significant HTS Cable projects are underway or operational around the globe.

The world's first HTS power transmission cable system is pictured above. Located in Long Island, New York, this system, which consists of three cables running in parallel in a four-foot wide underground right of way, is capable of carrying 574 megawatts of power. The three cables shown entering the ground can carry as much power as all of the overhead lines on the far left. (photo courtesy of American Superconductor)

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