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BLADEcontrol® is a system to continuously monitor the condition of rotor blades on wind turbines. Its main features are damage detection including the fast detection of typical damages after lightning strikes, detection of ice-foundation on the blades and operational enhancement by e.g. detection of dynamical overloads, temporary imbalance and drivetrain based deviations.

BLADEcontrol® provides the results of the analysis to the machine control using a Bit vector, allowing an active reaction of the wind turbine. Independently, the turbine operator is informed via e-mail in case of deviations from normal.

BLADEcontrol® is increasingly used as an ice detection system and replaces present solutions. Measuring ice-foundation on the blade itself and even when the turbine is not operating, BLADEcontrol® detects the point where ice is no longer present on the blades, allowing to restart the turbine even at night or in foggy conditions without having to visually inspect on site. Together with a very exact measurement, significant reductions of the turbine's ice downtimes are achieved and at the same time, ice throw risks are reduced. Payback times are accordingly short.

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