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Wind power plants with commissioning as from 01.04.2011 are named ”new plants” according to the system service agreement for wind energy (SDL Wind V).

Already before commissioning of those new plants a plant certificate according to the Development Corporation for wind energy and other renewable energy e.V. accredited experts and since 01.10.2011 according to DIN EN 45011 accredited certification authorities like ABE Kunze engineering must be available.

The certification authority collects information in the run-up of wind park operator and their planer according to the planned power supply line situation of the planned windfarm topology according to the use in building components like wind power plants, respectively creation units (EZE, an EZE can possibly mean wind energy as well as photo-voltaic or internal combustion engines) and other components like organizational and administrative documents. With this information the
certification authority determines the electrical features of the planned creation unit (EZA), if it is able to provide system service like power reinforcement in case of fault and reactive power supply, etc. compliant to the guidelines.

Additional valid to these guidelines beside the SDLWindV – also depending on contact termination- is the medium-voltage guideline of BDEW or for high voltage- and top-high voltage connection the transmission code of the network operator association.

After presentation of all necessary information the certification authority needs a little time to check the documents as well as to carry out the required calculations.

Previous experiences with “temporary plants” (wind power plants with commissioning between (01.01.2009 and 31.03.2011) have indicated, that collecting information and the following check and calculations can take some weeks of time. Despite all adversities and arisen difficulties during processing of the temporary plants ABE Kunze engineering GmbH could manage to finish the complete orders on hand of temporary plants at due date before 30.09.2011.While drafting the temporary plant certificates the declaration of conformity was a fixed component.

It contained among others the checking of the actual used EZE in connection with cable routes, transformers and the protection units at the point of common coupling. This declaration of conformity is analogically an obligation according to planning certificates for new plants. After presenting the network operator a positive plant certificate before commissioning the EZA, the commissioning will be permitted by them.

After setting up and commissioning the EZA a declaration of conformity is necessary. ABE Kunze engineering GmbH checks the EZE and further components on site - as well as the setting of protection concerning conformity for the confirmed constellation in the plant certificate.

First after a successful issued declaration of conformity the network operator carries out the EEG payment in connection with the SDL-Bonus. Time and money can be saved if the declaration of conformity can be implemented by the certification authority, who also issues the plant certificate, as they already know the EZA.

ABE Kunze Engineering GmbH is looking forward to receive inquiries for plant certificates for your new plants for wind energy and photo-voltaic or internal combustion engines with appropriate declaration of conformity.
ABE Group
Guido Bröring

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