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This week: Interview with Dipl.-Phys. Achim Albertini, TWK ELEKTRONIK

Windfair: What significance has the wind energy sector for your company?

Achim Albertini: The market segment of wind energy is of very high importance for our company. A considerable percentage of our turn over is done in that segment. Lots of encoders from our product range as well as new developments go into these applications, e.g. the new electronic CAM-Switch.

Windfair: How many people are working in your company?

Achim Albertini: Our company has two sides. Management, marketing and sales are located in Düsseldorf. There are 35 people working. Our development and production is in the city of Wedel in the north of Germany close to Hamburg. There we have about 60 people working.

Windfair: Why is that separated ?

Achim Albertini: That separation is historic. When TWK was founded in the 60th of the last century the company in Wedel was already existing and produced electronic components. It came to a cooperation with production in Wedel and sales in Düsseldorf. Then TWK bought this company.

Windfair: Do you have new Products or services in the sector of wind energy?

Achim Albertini: Yes, we have a lot of developments for wind power application. We supply to some major players in that market segment and they have their special requests regarding sensoric. Thus we are busy to meet the needs of this sector. The electronic CAM-Switch for azimuth and pitch control is an example. The next step is a vibration sensor measuring the fluctuation and movements of the nacelle.

Windfair: What is your expectation for the future development of your company in wind power?

Achim Albertini: We regard the development as positive for us. The actual downturn of nuclear energy in Germany pushes the effort to develop renewable energy sources. This will also be the case in many other countries. As we are from the very beginning in that market segment we have a lot of expertise and know how in that field of sensoric. We have good contacts to the decision makers and we keep on developing products that save our customer relation and our market share.
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