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Efficient position acquisition of pitch, yaw and slip ring: Absolute multiturn encoder ultra-immune to magnetic fields

Encoders installed in wind turbines have to endure harsh environments, though they must ensure absolutely dependable operation since repair and maintenance at offshore locations are specifically difficult and expensive. Often strong magnetic fields come into play when the encoders are installed close to generators or magnetic brakes.

The new durable absolute encoder GXL2W easily matches the demanding requirements of wind turbines. The non-contact optical sensing principle is wear-free and withstands even frequent temperature fluctuations, vibrations and strong magnetic fields. The gearless constructional concept results in a very limited number of components what adds on an extended encoder service life. Complementary to the SSI interface, the encoders provide incremental signals that enable position detection and top-efficient motorfeedback by a single encoder, for example in pitch and yaw control of the nacelle. The encoders furthermore allow for compact slip rings that provide more benefits. Self-diagnosing and featuring position continuity checks the encoder will detect any malfunction well in advance and enables predictive and preventive maintenance to avoid downtimes. For offshore and cold-climate applications there are stainless steel configurations available that endure temperatures down to -40°C. The durable shaft-lock construction is unaffected by heavy shaft loads.

GXL2W is a further enhancement of the proven “Touchless” encoder series GM400 which has been deployed at large quantities in wind turbines for 15 years by now.

Photo: Wear-free and durable absolute multiturn encoder GXL2W. (Photo: Baumer)
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