TorcUP Unleashes the RAPTOR Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Easton, PA USA: Raptor...the name suggests a mental picture of an intelligent, cunning hunting machine with lightning speed and deadly accuracy. TorcUP is pleased to announce a pneumatic wrench like no other, a wrench that lives up to its name with continuous and repeatable torque and an accuracy of +/- 5%. Speed like no other...the raptor runs fastest when it counts, during actual torque, not only free nut run down! Light and fast, the Raptor is ready to accommodate your torque needs from 120 ft/lbs to 6,000 ft/lbs.

The Raptor works with a variety of applications making it the ideal tool for any pneumatic wrench need. Ranging in five sizes from the RP-500 to the RP-6000, the Raptor will give you the torque you need when you need it, quickly, reliably and dependably. The Raptor has a patented gear technology which creates greater durability, lower operational temperatures and increased efficiency. Each Raptor meets stringent quality control standards before leaving the warehouse and with TorcUP’s 13 month warranty on all tools, so you can worry about the job at hand and not the tool.

With a sealed housing and ergonomic grip, the Raptor ensures the comfort of the operator and safe operation. After studying issues with typical pneumatic wrenches, TorcUP saw that other pneumatics allow water into the body of the wrench; this creates rust and friction which are the primary causes of pneumatic wrench failure. The Raptor has been sealed to keep the grease in and the water out. The benefit to the operator is less down time with fewer repairs.

The Raptor has another key difference from its competitors...a custom designed motor for the heavy industrial sector. The Raptor has been designed to work specifically in industrial torque applications. Unlike other pneumatic wrenches that are designed with a typical air motor, the Raptor’s motor has heavy use in mind and will continue to run when others simply can’t.

TorcUP, located in Easton, PA is truly a company like no other. The passion to design the BEST tools in the industry means there is no room for compromise. TorcUP understands that changes in the industry require changes in tooling providing safer, more reliable designs that will GET THE JOB DONE! TorcUP is driven, growing and ready to meet your needs. Visit TorcUP’s website at www.torcup.com or call TorcUP today for a free demonstration of the pneumatic wrench that is taking the industry by storm...The Raptor!
TorcUP Inc.
Ann Marie Kovacs

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