Launch of Survey off Ishikari Bay, Hokkaido, in Preparation for Verification Testing of Power Generation Using TLP Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

JERA Co., Ltd., (“JERA”), together with MODEC, Inc., Toyo Construction Co., Ltd., and Furukawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (the “Consortium”), today launched a subsea ground survey (the "Survey") in Ishikari Bay, Hokkaido, in preparation for verification testing of power generation using tension leg platform (“TLP”) floating offshore wind turbines.

Survey vessel) (Image: JERA)Survey vessel) (Image: JERA)

The survey is part of the "Project to Develop Cost-Reducing Technology for TLP Floating Offshore Wind Turbines,"* which the consortium was selected to conduct by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) under its Green Innovation Fund program, and aims to understand the geotechnical structure and other characteristics of the seabed, which are necessary in setting the design parameters of TLP floating offshore wind turbines.

The consortium will move forward in conducting surveys and studying plans in anticipation of future verification testing of power generation using TLP floating offshore wind turbines (Image left: Conceptual drawing of TLP (Tension Leg Platform)?[Source: MODEC] via JERA). Within the consortium, JERA will, working with the understanding of the fishing industry, move forward in conducting the survey off Ishikari Bay in Hokkaido, conducting wind condition and oceanographic observations, and establishing environmental parameters for use in the design of the TLP floating offshore wind turbines.

In formulating plans for verification testing, the consortium will continue to consult with local fishing industry, residents, government administrations, and other stakeholders to ensure their understanding.

Aiming to become a global leader in renewable energy, JERA is actively promoting large-scale offshore wind projects in Japan and overseas. Floating offshore wind is an important technology to expand renewable energy in Japan, and JERA will continue to work with various partners both in Japan and overseas to develop technologies and to accumulate knowledge and expertise.



*This project was adopted on 21 January 2022 and the consortium jointly conduct component technology development for about two years. JERA will conduct surveys and measurement of the planned demonstration site, design power generation facilities, and establish?environmental parameters. In addition to conducting simulations and demonstrations of component technologies previously studied by each company—floating and mooring systems by MODEC, mooring foundations by Toyo Construction, and power transmission systems by Furukawa Electric—a basic plan for a 15 MW-class power generation demonstration facility will be drawn up based on design and environmental parameters provided by JERA. The four companies will also begin considering supply chains for mass production and cost reduction with the aim of realizing commercial projects following the power generation demonstration.

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