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WWEC2022 Conference Resolution: 20th World Wind Energy Conference Collaborating for a Renewable Future in Peace

The World Wind Energy Association and ANEV welcome the presence of delegates from almost 30 countries attending this Conference, on wind, solar, and all other renewable energy technologies.

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The Conference appreciates that delegates from around the world have participated and made it a truly international meeting, in spite of many more potential delegates having been prevented from attending the conference because of the direct and indirect impact of Covid.

In addition, the Conference has been held at a time when the Russian war against Ukraine has revealed to the general public that the fossil and nuclear energy system leads to geopolitical imbalances and eventually represents a threat to peace in the world. Only a 100% renewable energy world will allow the world to get rid of international dependencies and to reduce international tensions.

Accordingly, the Conference gave special consideration to how a renewable energy future can help to ensure peace, next to covering all aspects of mainstreaming and growing wind and renewable utilisation and the related policies, science and technology, manufacturing, research & development, operation, offshore and small wind, integrated solutions, capacity development, community involvement as well as other economic and social issues.

The Conference appreciates the support of many organisations, especially the IRENA Coalition for Action, the REN Alliance including the International Geothermal Association, International Hydropower Association, International Solar Energy Society and World Bioenergy Association, REN21, the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform, Energy Watch Group, the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition, the World Council for Renewable Energy, Eurosolar, EREF, RCREEE, RES4Africa, AIEE, ISES Italia, Comune di Rimini, all media partners and all organisations and individuals enhancing the Conference.

The Conference thanks, in particular, the cross-section of sponsors without whose support such an international conference would not be possible.

The Conference underlines that the emergency of the climate crisis as well as the energy and security crisis have all been mainly driven by fossil and nuclear fuels and that the only feasible response to tackle these crises is the immediate rollover to 100% renewable energy globally. A renewable energy world can provide for not only a sustainable life but also equal opportunities for people all over the world.

The Conference appreciates the manifold statements made in particular by political representatives about the importance of the role of citizens and communities in the energy transformation. The renewable energy sector and local communities need to create close alliances in order to maximise socioeconomic benefits, to fight energy poverty, to strengthen democracy and to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, in particular in the form of community energy and energy communities. The Conference applauds the WWEA Working Group for developing guidelines and recommendations for community engagement.

The Conference understands the huge potential of offshore wind in particular in Italy and in the Mediterranean and the Conference welcomes the Italian Offshore Wind Manifesto which has been published on the occasion of WWEC2022, describing the main barriers and solutions needed for a rapidly developing offshore wind industry.

The Conference welcomes the making of the World Wind Energy Award to Hans-Josef Fell for his political achievements and the recognition of the need for governments to act and to Heinrich Bartelt for his decades long work and achievements as pioneer, entrepreneur and NGO representative.

The Conference encourages all wind energy and associated stakeholders to participate in the next World Wind Energy Conference which will be held in Hobart, Australia, in April 2023.


Rimini, 30 June 2022

Hon. Peter Rae AO       Dr. Simone Togni          Stefan Gsänger

WWEA President          ANEV President           WWEA Secretary General

Press Office
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