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Prysmian Group is the first company in the cables sector to join the Responsible Mica Initiative

Prysmian Group is the first company in the cables sector to join the Responsible Mica Initiative, a coalition committed to establishing a fair, responsible and sustainable mica supply chain

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Prysmian Group, a global leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, announced it is the first company in the cables sector to join the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI), a non-profit coalition working to eliminate child labour and poor working conditions in mica supply chains. Joining the Responsible Mica Initiative is part of Prysmian’s Social Ambition targets and its commitment to improving the lives of people in the communities and local areas where it operates. Prysmian Group’s social responsibility is one of the pillars of its sustainability strategy and reflects the principles contained in its Human Rights Policy.

“Prysmian Group uses a limited amount of mica in its products, in relation to the sector in which we operate,” said Prysmian Group Chief Operating Officer Massimo Battaini. “Our membership in the Responsible Mica Initiative is a step forward in ensuring the sustainability of our supply chain.”

Mica is a mineral prized for its shimmering, heat-resistant qualities, and used in industries including cosmetics, electronics, automotive, and cables. Awareness has grown in recent years about the harsh labour conditions often present in mica mining and processing. In India alone, an estimated 22,000 children toil in unregulated and informal mica mines. The 75 members in the Responsible Mica Initiative have committed to supporting improvement regarding child labour or eliminating poor working conditions within their supply chains, joining forces with other industries and NGOs to address the root causes of exploitative labour practices.

“By joining forces with the Responsible Mica Initiative, Prysmian Group is helping to achieve the critical mass needed to improve the lives of people in communities involved in mica supply chains,” said Maria Cristina Bifulco, Prysmian Group Chief Sustainability Officer. “We share the same values and principles as the Responsible Mica Initiative team, and, moreover, we want to play a proactive role in promoting child-labour free working conditions and access to education, as well as improving living standards overall.”

“We are incredibly pleased with Prysmian Group’s new membership in our Initiative, which paves the way for the engagement of another important mica-using industry, and even more, will allow the RMI and its members to collectively accelerate their actions and impacts, for the benefit of the mica communities,” said Fanny Frémont, Executive Director, Responsible Mica Initiative.

As a member of RMI, Prysmian Group will take part in three main programmes. The first involves mapping the supply chain to identify all stakeholders, some of which may be unknown to multinational companies that use mica. Secondly, RMI members are collectively contributing to empowering a total of around 75,000 beneficiaries in 130 villages to improve their livelihoods, access to quality education, and reduce child labour. Lastly, members contribute to discussions with governments aimed at strengthening the legal environment, advocating proper regulations to ensure that mica activities are recognised and formalised, as well as that responsible work conditions are controlled.

Since 2016, Prysmian Group has been engaging with suppliers of mica-based products to raise awareness of working conditions. The Group pays close attention to analysing the risks in its supply chain and make responsible efforts to work only with suppliers that reflect the goals set out in its Human Rights policy. By joining the RMI, Prysmian Group is moving forward with its commitment to social responsibility and promoting ethical conduct by taking concrete action. Membership in RMI will help Prysmian be even more effective in increasing its control of its supply chain.

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