Tranter provides heat exchangers to a new sustainable wind farm project that will provide electricity to 600,000 homes of a major US city

Tranter have received an order from a Scandinavian based off-shore EPC company for a North-Atlantic Off-shore wind farm project. The wind farm will supply a major US city with high voltage electricity through the latest HVDC technology developed for the off-shore wind energy.

Image: TranterImage: Tranter

Sustainable growth and achievement are goals that follow Tranter through all aspects of the business. With additional goals to always develop innovative customer solutions and help customers worldwide to achieve the most value out of their heat exchangers this project was a great fit for achieving those goals.

“This specific project gives us an opportunity to contribute to the transition to more sustainable energy resources and given that it’s offshore we can also leverage our long term expertise within offshore projects to deliver additional value beyond the scope of the heat exchangers to our client” says Stefan Gavelin, Director Sales Enablement.

Tranter's scope of supply comprises three large Titanium units for Seawater/Cooling Medium Heat Exchangers to cool down MEG (Methyl Ethylene Glycol) that will be used as cooling medium for other sensitive equipment on the off-shore wind farm, such as transformers and generators.

“On top of our normal scope of supply we will also supply advanced level switch indicators to our drip trays. This feature is to enable the customer to detect leakages remotely, which is needed because these wind-farms will be remotely controlled with no off-shore crew to run the operations.” says Thomas Cassirer, Sales Manager Global Accounts.

More offshore wind-farm projects are on the horizon and Thomas Cassirer sees an opportunity in exploiting these with a digital mindset for remote control of heat exchangers in mind.

Thomas Cassirer continues "The fact that customers are looking at maximizing their capability for remote monitoring of static equipment shows that our digital product portfolio will be essential to be able to create competitive advantage in the long-run. The combination of having a digital product and at the same time make use of it on projects that turns the page from fossil fuels to sustainable energy production is a strong value attribute for our team”

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