IST3 Infrastruktur Global adopts Greenbyte to oversee performance of its European renewable energy investments

Swiss infrastructure fund takes an active approach to technical performance management of its growing 120MW+ renewable portfolio

Image: PixabayImage: Pixabay

IST3 Investment Foundation, acting on behalf of and for the account of its investment vehicle IST3 Infrastruktur Global (IST3 IG), has partnered with Greenbyte, a leading software partner for global renewable portfolios, to monitor and optimize the operations of its renewable assets in Europe. IST3 IG currently owns and operates five wind parks and one solar park in Germany and France with a total installed capacity of 122.5 MW.

The agreement grants IST3 IG access to Greenbyte’s advanced monitoring platform, alongside powerful wind and solar forecasting data that will enable the fund to better understand the impact of resource fluctuations on portfolio performance and revenues. Integration of the system begins in July this year.

As renewable energy continues to transition into a competitive post-subsidy environment, consistent and reliable insight into the performance of assets is no longer solely a consideration for project operators. Investors too are seeking greater visibility on how their holdings are performing, and a means of creating transparency with their asset management teams.

These performance insights not only help investors incentivise improvements to the technical efficiency of wind and solar projects, but also directly support financial planning and investment decisions as they seek to build portfolios resilient to technical, market and resource risks.

IST3 IG sought a reliable and future-proof method of monitoring the overall performance of its diversified portfolio and found this in Greenbyte’s software. Greenbyte will provide full end-to-end oversight of performance optimization efforts by defining the gap between potential and actual production and giving IST3 IG the tools to close it.

Wind and solar resource forecasting tools, including high-resolution satellite irradiance data from Solargis, will be integrated into Greenbyte via the Marketplace ‘app store’, giving IST3 IG the capability to better understand past performance and predict future revenues.

Eva Liljendahl, Senior Sales Manager at Greenbyte, said: “IST3 IG is one of a growing number of savvy investors who are spearheading the adoption of digital tools to increase transparency, incentivize performance improvements, manage risks and ensure the success of their renewable energy investments. As the market becomes increasingly competitive and margins are squeezed, the value of a direct view of portfolio performance cannot be overstated.”

Dr. Stefan Weissenböck, Head of Asset and Portfolio Management of IST3 IG said: “As a fund acting in a maturing market, we need to play an increasingly active role in the operational monitoring of our direct renewable energy portfolio. Greenbyte’s platform, which enables integration of all of the essential data streams and tools we need, provides a future-proof system that will help us to optimize our existing portfolio and allows for further growth in one of the key pillars of our strategy: renewable energy.”*

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