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SCADA International Publishes 350 Additional Tags to Enable Interoperability in the Wind Industry

SCADA International releases more than 350 new tag-names and data points to continue providing uniformity within the wind industry, regardless of wind turbine types, models and brands. A total of 1760 tags are now available for the industry to enable interoperability across systems and to promote the creation of a knowledge exchanging environment within renewables.

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Data access is subjected to the existing variety of proprietary protocols and data sets — which impedes access in the majority of cases. Openness to data augments the data analytics’ relevance and, as in many other industries, decision-making based on data becomes crucial to achieve cost reduction. Thus, establishing and assuring a trustworthy, thorough and direct way to access the data is paramount to lower the cost of integration and maintenance for all parties involved – especially in wind farms with different turbine brands or on different evolutionary steps.

“The access to data has turned into a headache for our customers, where handling data from different sources is an important hurdle. Thus, we believe that establishing a cooperative data exchange environment among wind power assets and owner systems will foster the development of efficient new solutions to reduce errors and to lower the Levelized cost of energy (LCOE).” Morten Bülow, General Manager, Americas.

By accommodating different data point names (tags) across the industry, the Global Wind Data Tag-List normalizes data exchange and analysis, having as a foundation the IEC 61400-25 standard. Thus, the tag list enables interoperability across systems by transforming various data into one standard data set, ensuring adaptability and data cohesion. Moreover, the application of the guideline lets a single system store, analyze and display relevant wind power data.

Targeting to encourage knowledge exchange within the wind industry, the Global Wind Data Tag-List was created and made available by SCADA International. The Global Wind Data Tag-List is a streamlined and uniform naming convention based on the IEC 61400-25 standard for wind turbines, whose first version came to light last May with roughly 1400 tag-names and, in this new release, more than 350 tag-names have been added.

Additionally, SCADA International has become an active member of the USE61400-25 User Group — as part of this journey and inspired by its industry commitment. This user group aims to support the use and implementation of the IEC 61400-25 standards by sharing relevant information, organizing discussion forums to solve technical issues and making validations, among others.

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