Sentient Science Digitalizes 35% of World’s Wind Turbine Models

40,000 wind turbines to use DigitalClone Software Platform for Life Extension

Image: Sentient ScienceImage: Sentient Science

Sentient Science has contracts in place to model 40,000 wind turbines obtaining 35% of the world's wind turbine model types. Sentient’s customers use DigitalClone® software platform for both short- and long-term life predictions and life extension actions unique to each installed wind turbine.

With the addition of China's Longyuan Power Group, the world's largest wind operator, Sentient Science projects to have 168,000 wind turbines under contract globally by 2020. Sentient's team of Ph.D. materials scientists and mechanical engineers are digitalizing 35% of the world’s wind turbine models.

Sentient’s DigitalClone library enables rapid delivery without the need for customer data on the following model types. New model development options are also available.

Wind Turbine Models Complete or Under Contract
Acciona Windpower AW 1500 (1.5MW) AW3000 (3.0MW)
Alstom Ecotechnia 74,80 (1.6MW)
Bonus B41, B44 (600kW), B62 (1.3MW)
Clipper 2.5MW
Gamesa Made AE 30 (330k), G42, G47 (660k), Made AE 46 (660k), G52, G5X (850k), G87, G8X, G90 (2MW)
GE 1.5, 1.5S, 1.5SLE (1.5MW), 1.6/1.7-100, 103 1.6SLE (1.6MW), 1.85 Repower (1.85MW),
2.0 (2MW), 2.3MW
Goldwind G48-759 (750k)
MHI Vestas V164 (2.4MW)
Mitsubishi MWT-1000-57 (1MW)
Neg Micon NM44-48 (600k), NM52 (900k)
Nordex N60 (1.3MW), N80 (2.4MW), N90 (2.5MW)
Senvion 2XM (2MW), MM92 (2.05MW)
Siemens 2.3MW, 3.6MW
Sinovel 1.5MW
Suzlon S88 (2.1MW)
United Power U97 (2MW)
Vestas V47 (660k), V80, V90, V93/G42, V100 (1.8MW), V82 (1.65MW), V117 (3.3MW)
Gearboxes Complete or Under Contract
BaoChi GD1663B
Clipper  Quantumdrive
Dalian PPSX129
Echesa  GE2000PL, PE477V, PE88-A, GE700PL, GE850PL
Eickhoff CPKHZ-195
Fellar TPH3-1600HN, TPH3-1500, TPH3-1080V-1080V/1, TPH3-1100G/1-1100G
Metso/Moventas PLH3-8X61, S3GHD-500X, PLH1100, PLH2900, S3GHD-506X, PLH-309X1G, 310X1G, 312X1G
Nanjing FDM-00R8, FDMD, FDMF, FDM2, FD835-01R7
Winergy/Flender PEAB4407, PZAB3535, PEAS4375.x, PEAS4280.x, PPSX129, PEAS4280.1, 4411, 4419, PEAB4410.2, PEAB4431, PZA3505, PEAC4300.x, PEAB4420

DigitalClone is Sentient Science’s flagship Software as a Service (SaaS) applying materials science with data science to predict life extension actions that reduce the cost of energy. Sentient has calculated achievable savings up to 13% of revenues across six key business areas – operations & maintenance, asset management, supply chain, risk management, new business and governance. In order to help achieve business initiatives, Sentient provides a business value assessment service for each of its customers to demonstrate how to effectively implement DigitalClone’s life prediction solutions.

Over the last five years, through partnerships with several of the top 10 wind owners/operators around the world, Sentient has quantified a 68% difference between physical testing qualification results and the actual life of field components. This discrepancy in failure rates has resulted in costly repairs and unplanned downtime in the field that impact the profitability of wind farms.

Ward Thomas, CEO of Sentient Science said, “We are the trusted third party to the operator, providing an unbiased analysis of the reliability of the major and minor components under actual operating conditions. We work with the operator to provide the digital bill of materials of the field assets for life extension and to prevent repeat failures from occurring. We also work with the OEM and supplier communities to provide a third-party validation of product offerings and provide the market forecasts for operator demand, which helps reduce procurement and sales cycle costs by 15% to 20%.

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