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Wind Farm Wölkisch Inaugurated

WSB commissions Saxony’s as yet biggest wind park project in 2015. First phase of the park supplies 16.4MW to the grid.

WSB commissions Saxony’s as yet biggest wind park project in 2015WSB commissions Saxony’s as yet biggest wind park project in 2015

With public celebrations, the WSB Group has inaugurated the first part of the Wölkisch wind park on 13 June 2015 in the district of Meissen. Eight out of ten 100 metre tall wind turbines have already been installed. The remaining two turbines, each with an installed rated power of 2.05MW (megawatts), are expected to go into operation by the end of the year. The park will then produce a total of 20.5MW. The site is located near Lommatzsch with excellent wind conditions and will be a major contributor in transforming Saxony’s energy supply in 2015.

The official launch of the WSB wind park in the central Saxon downs ‘Lommatzscher Pflege’ is a complete success. Accompanied by welcoming speeches from representatives of state and local government, business and associations, the first eight turbines were inaugurated. "Renewable energy generates added value in the region and demonstrates to local authorities and communities how natural resources can be effectively utilised. “The Wölkisch wind park successfully illustrates this," comments Markus Brogsitter, Managing Director of WSB Projekt GmbH: "We thank the city of Lommatzsch for their dedicated efforts, which included the joint development of an energy concept," Brogsitter adds.

Developed with farmers and the local community

The ‘Lommatzscher Pflege’ is characterised not only by ideal wind energy conditions, but primarily by the fertile and productive soils the area has to offer. "Working closely with local farmers and co-operative planning for turbine locations, crane parking spaces and access roads was crucial to the feasibility of our project,” explains Brogsitter, Managing Director of this WSB project. At the same time a concept for public participation was developed. Those citizens of Lommatzsch, Diera-Zehren and Hirschstein interested in the wind park were provided with the opportunity to participate in a non-materialistic way in the form of a savings deposit. As a result, the total sum of 100,000 euros was achieved early.

Renewables provide answers to questions regarding the future

With a view to Saxony’s energy and climate policy, politicians now have to follow through on their good will: "The commitment to wind energy is embedded in the coalition agreement and so is the objective to increase the share of green technologies to 45 percent by 2025. The energy industry now needs planning security and renewable energy needs to have a place within the sector," stresses Markus Brogsitter. With regard to the further development of renewable energy, Saxony currently lags behind its opportunities. In 2014 the wind energy sector only saw 13 newly installed wind turbines totalling 32.7MW of installed capacity (Source: BWE/VDMA). Consequently, the Wölkisch wind park established by the Dresden based WSB Group contributes substantially to the federal state’s climate protection targets. Altogether, the turbines will produce as much clean electricity as 14,000 households consume annually. Including this project, the WSB Group will have installed more than 60 wind turbines in Saxony since 1996.


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