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"As a dealer in the United States for the past three years of the Aircon 10, I continue to believe that this turbine is by far the best available technology in its size range ..."


Lely is the only company worldwide to supply the agricultural sector with a complete portfolio of products and services ranging from forage harvesting to automated feeding systems, barn cleaners and milking robots. The company also works on business concepts to ensure energy-neutral operations in the dairy sector. For many years Lely has been the undisputed market leader in the sales and service of automated milking systems and in recent years has made formiddable advances in providing renewable systems to this target market.

Lely develops products which are technologically superior and capable of improving the social and financial well-being of its customers without the need for subsidies. In addition to the development of products with a proven long life span and lowest possible energy consumption, Lely strives for complete business concepts that enable energy-neutral operations in the farming sector.



Lely Aircon, part of Lely’s Energy division and a global leader in manufacturing 10kW wind turbines launched a new 30kW system - the Lely Aircon 30 - at the EuroTier 2014 exhibition last week in Hannover, Germany. With this new and more powerful addition Lely Aircon fulfills the need of many modern farmers who face an increasing demand for energy. Please refer to the press release for more information on the Lely Aircon 30.

Here, Lely Aircon is proud to present the Lely Aircon 10, an extremely silent and reliable source of renewable energy.


Blending with the landscape

Small-scale turbines can easily be integrated in the natural agriculture environment, rural properties and businesses. It is an evolution of the country side as it has been for decades. Mast heights are standardized, from 18, 24 up to 30 meters depending on local surroundings. At direct coastal areas a 15 meter mast maybe sufficient. If crane installation is not possible you may obt for a tilt-up tower.


Energy generation and consumption closely connected:

In the Lely philosophy energy generation and energy consumption must be closely connected. Thus waste is avoided in the most effective way as the environmental loop is closed. Ancestors have already used this principle, for example using windmills to directly grind grain and pump water.

Sleep well:

The Lely Aircon 10, being virtually inaudible, represents the quietest turbine in the market place. The turbine is exceptionally silent, even in wind speeds at rated output (> 10 m/s), enabling it to be located relatively close to urbanisation.


Energy, day and night:

Solar and wind energy are efficient and complementary sources of renewable energy. The robust design and build quality of the turbine ensures operational availability when the wind is blowing. The turbines are monitored 24/7 through a client internet application. Unlike solar technology, turbine efficiency does not decline year on year.

No worries:

The turbine leading edge technology is sophisticated and comparable to large utility-scale turbines. Engineering is superior in control, mechanical and safety attributes. The power electronics synchronizes and delivers a perfectly controlled wave form to the grid. The turbine is certified according the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) and also to EN 50438 for delivery to the grid. Applications can be single, split or three phase depending on the local grid. The standard warranty is 5 years and expected serviceable life is more than 20 years.


The strongest and maintenance friendliest:

Where other suppliers put their efforts in megawatt installations, Lely opts to innovate continuously in the small-wind segment. As a result the Lely Aircon turbine is the strongest and maintenance friendly turbine available. A yearly inspection and simple greasing does the job. The turbine withstands most harsh conditions – it is designed according IEC Type Class II A which means a survival wind speed of 59,5 m/s.




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Lely Aircon B.V.
Edited by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist / by Lely Aircon B.V. Staff

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