Valencia, land of wind parks

MADRID. Valencia, that's the land of oranges and wind parks. This could be the definition of the region in about 2007 when according to present plans
67 wind parks will supply all the households in the counties Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

With pride the state's gouvernement announces to be the only one in Spain having built up a development plan concerning renewable energy. Within two years Valencia intends not only to be self-sufficient in electricity supply but also wants to be able to export energy to other federal states.

In case that the announcement will be fullfilled this would mean a complete change of the structure of energy supply in this region. Nowadays 55 % of the energy are obtained by nuclear power. The aim is to reduce this percentage to 27 %.

Wind parks shall arise in 15 denominated zones and are to deliver 5,500 giga watt hours yearly given a total power of 2,300 mega watt. About 2,000 million Euro shall be invested into the project.

Furthermore Valencia develops an energy efficiency plan in order to reduce consumption and to advance the competition between industrial companies.
Thus in the years 2001 to 2010 more than 2,400 million Euro shall be saved in total. The estimated yearly reduction of energy consumption shall reach
1.1 % and accordingly beat the demand of the European Union (1 %).
Torsten Nieland (translator)

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