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Offshore Wind Energy: No negative consequences for the wildlife surrounding Offshore Wind Farms

Studies from German wind park alpha ventus show: New species of fish emerge / starfish settles on turbine foundations

According to the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) of Germany, offshore wind farms don't have negative influences on the wildlife around offshore wind turbines. This is the results of several studies the German government disposed at the test site alpha ventus in the German North Sea.

On the contrary: The site is used by many animals as a new habitat. The turbine foundations function as artificial riffs which starfish and sea anemones call their new home. Furthermore the life of fish is not influenced by the parks. Instead there are several new species of fish settling in the area.

Birds on the other hand are chased away by the movement and lights of the blades, so the death rate stays low. Birds don't have stable routes flying across the North Sea – they just fly around the farms.

In the past special attention was paid to the construction of the offshore wind farms. Ramming the piles into the ground is creating heavy noises that chase away whales for example. But the whales will not avoid the area permanently, just as long as the construction noises last.

„We are very happy to report there are no negative consequences for the wildlife living in offshore wind farms. This is good news for the further development of this technology“, says Monika Breuch-Moritz, President of the BSH. The studies will be used as a role-model for other European countries.

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