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EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which entered into force in December 2009, is intended to enhance the safety of machinery and provide for a uniform level of safety within the European Community. One key requirement for manufacturers is to supply printed operating instructions along with the machinery. These operating instructions must be written in the respective official language or languages of the country of use and meet all requirements of the relevant EC directives which have been put into national law.

This illustrates the importance of flawless and competent translations, especially to the manufacturers of offshore wind energy plants. According to liability or product liability laws, the manufacturer is responsible for having operating instructions translated. Some insurance companies refuse to pay benefits in the event of damage if operating instructions have been translated by the manufacturer's employees and not by qualified translation providers. Therefore, manufacturers of offshore wind energy plants should choose their translators carefully.

But how can a competent partner be found to provide competent, high-quality translations? The primary criterion for first-class specialist translations is to work in compliance with DIN EN 15038. This quality standard not only defines aspects related to translating per se, but also the technical and human resources required for a specialist translation and the quality assurance necessary for a translation to comply with the standard. Translation agencies which work to this standard use trained specialist translators, for instance, who are native speakers of the respective target language and experts in the respective field. Work is done in accordance with the double-verification principle, that is, a translation executed and proofed by one specialist translator is then checked word for word by a second translator. This largely eliminates any possibility of translation errors.


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