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Analog and/or digital - universal I/O module of Bachmann for all applications.

With the new GIO212, Bachmann electronic is presenting a highly flexible I/O module: Each of the 12 channels can be configured either as a digital or an analog input or output. The module can therefore be used for a number of applications and is suitable for use with a wide range of sensors and actuators.

Input/output modules collect the signals of an installation and condition these for further processing in the machine controls. Today several different types of modules are therefore required due to the wide range of different signals used. If only a few external signals are incorporated, for example with small installations, it is seldom possible to achieve the optimum design of the automation solution: Most modules are assigned with considerably fewer signals than their capacity allows. This increases costs, the space needed in the control cabinet, and also increases the effort involved in managing spare parts, due to the different modules required.

Freely configurable channels
Bachmann has solved this dilemma with the GIO212: All channels of the universal I/O module can either be configured as analog or digital inputs or outputs, as counters or inputs for temperature and resistance measuring. Depending on the function selected, a channel can be assigned up to two functions (mixed mode operation). All the standard I/O functions used in an automation solution have thus been provided for the first time in a single module.

The 'Swiss army knife'
The GIO212 from Bachmann electronic impressively offers a functionality that was previously unavailable for I/O modules. The benefit of this universal module is outstanding: Low wiring and space requirement in the control cabinet, less expense, and only one spare part that has to be managed.

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