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BGB Innovation – Profile of a perfectly functioning group of 3 industry brands

The BGB Group of companies is divided into the industry brands – BGB Engineering, BGB Marine & BGB Digilinc

The BGB Group of companies, especially BGB Engineering, has been the topic of many press articles that have found publication on windfair.net’s portal and press section. I recommend our members and visitors to visit our press archive to see what this dynamic company has to offer, namely the following short selection of press articles:

  • 07.07.2011 - High speed data transfers aided by fibre optic technology / The new BGB Axial Multimode Optilinc system has been produced to revolutionise the wind turbine slip ring market. Optilinc is the first of the new generation of contactless slip rings to be produced by BGB Engineering Ltd.

  • 21.04.2009 - BGB win Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade / The award is in commendation of the fantastic continual exporting ability of the company which maintains export figures of over 90 per cent of turnover year after year

  • 24.02.2009 - Product Pick of the Week - The new BGB Axial Multimode Optilinc System / BGB Engineering manufactures new contactless slip ring

BGB Engineering – A Profile

Development at BGB is influenced by having a clear understanding of the operational environment

Its major markets include:

  • Wind turbine control and power transfer

  • Water and sewage treatment

  • Packaging machines

  • Leisure rides

  • Cable reeling

  • Stand-by power generation

  • Fish farming (Aquaculture)

By working closely with international customers, BGB Engineering and its sister brands create world class, durable & fit for purpose products. The company is innovative in the design process to ensure that product technology is enhanced for modern day applications. BGB prides itself namely on a culture of innovation and aims to improve all aspects of its business through continuous change and improvement. Over the last few years BGB has assembled a research and development team with the view to focus efforts on the optimization of Slip ring, Marine and Digital technology.

The name 'BGB' was formed from the initials of the original partners' wives. The Company now exists as a one family, privately owned business. BGB specializes in the design from concept, manufacturing and marketing of its own range of niche market products. BGB has experienced significant growth over the last few years despite having a policy of offering its customers reductions in annual pricing. Growth is attributed to the 'Anglo-Japanese Culture' of empowered engineers in teams within manufacturing cells, Just-In-Time manufacture, continuous innovation & improvement and the latest manufacturing expertise.

BGB was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of carbon brush holders and began exporting in the early 1990's - now over 90% of turnover is achieved through the exportation of goods and services. BGB has built a good reputation for its products worldwide. Predominant European markets include Scandinavia, Spain and Germany in which BGB lays claim as leader in the field. Products are being supplied to worldwide markets such as Australia, India, Canada, Chile, Korea, USA and Japan.

In 2004 BGB purchased the commercial interests of another Grantham company - Aquabeam Ltd, manufacturers of Aquaculture products. This acquisition expanded the Company's product portfolio into the field of underwater lighting, camera systems and cables/connectors. Primary applications include cage illuminators for photoperiod manipulation within fish farming, underwater lighting for the energy and water treatment industries and submerged transom lighting for yachts. Through this division, BGB engineers have developed Digilinc, a wireless Ethernet bridge which enables high speed data or video links to be transmitted across distances of up to 20km with line of sight. Applications for Digilinc include wireless CCTV and remote security and monitoring functions.

For more information on BGB Engineering, please do not hesitate to visit its website at www.bgbinnovation.com or by sending an email to mail@bgbinnovation.com. BGB Engineering Ltd. also sends out a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all visitors of windfair.net and its members

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BGB Innovation

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