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PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Detect vulnerabilities with the new Borescopes PCE-DE 25 N

Wherever the human eye does not have a good view, Borescopes can help and give access to hidden spots. Especially in the field of machines, cable conduits and line pipes, endoscopes can assist with small and big problems. The new Endoscope PCE-DE 25N of P


For maintenance and repair of machines, the Endoscope PCE-DE 25 N is the ideal tool. Whether or not something needs to be exchanged can be checked in advance, which prevents production downtime and unnecessary costs. In former times, it was only possible to wait until a machine was no longer working. Then it had to be disassembled, repaired and assembled again. That was, of course, very complicated and expensive.

The cable is fed through a hole or a cavity and on the display of the endoscope, weak points or problem areas can comfortably be detected and preventive measures may be taken. The new Endoscope PCE-DE 25N convinces due to the 880mm long, flexible cable and a very low diameter of 10mm. Thanks to the bright LED-light on the head of the camera, dark spots are optimally reached by the flash, and dark spaces or holes are clearly visible.

PCE endoscopes can also be utilised in private areas. Expensive and complicated devices are often
associated with the word endoscope, but endoscopes of PCE reflect precisely the contrary. They are
affordable, easy to use and save a lot of time and money and furthermore reduce annoyance for every amateur inventor.

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