Intellifast GmbH: Award „Success 2011“ goes to Intellifast

Mainz/Speyer, 19.08.2011. Intellifast has received the highest prize of the 2011 Success Awards. The award was presented by the managing director of the Investitions- und Strukturbank (ISB) Rhineland-Palatinate and the Secretary for Economic Affairs, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning of Rhineland-Palatinate. The decoration was awarded to the successful implementation of the research and development project “Development of a high temperature sensor with a permanent and dynamic clamp load measurement”.

ISB and Ministry of Economic Affairs recognise particularly successful innovation projects in the country, which are already successful with new products, procedures and services and creating highly qualified jobs.

After tackling big technical challenges in the past few years Frank Scheuch, Managing Director, was delighted with the technical and commercial success of the product and in being able to constantly increase the workstaff.

The Permanent Mounted Transducer System (PMTS), suitable for series production, allows measurement of the clamp load by means of ultrasound under harshest conditions. A multilayer coating is applied by using plasma coating technology to the fastener. The special properties of this system eliminate the problems of previous indirect measurement procedures for clamp load control. An accuracy of ±3 percent of this measurement system gives engineers and designers new ways for analysing, optimisation, and improvements of fasteners. PMTS operates in the temperature range of minus 270 degree Celsius to plus 350 degrees Celsius. Thus it provides accurate measurement under extreme conditions in the energy plant, aerospace industry and many other industries. The corrosion resistance of the sensor furthermore allows the application under difficult climatic conditions, e.g. as in the Offshore-wind-industry.

In conjunction with the easy measurement and barcode identification system the transducer technology provides the optimal solution for seamless documentation and 100% traceability. The integration with standard assembly tools creates a clamp load controlled bolt tightening system.

....about the company:
The Intellifast GmbH was founded 2001 as PFW Technologies GmbH and coats standard bolts with a special ultrasonic transducer that guarantees a highly precise measurement of the clamp load in bolted joint connections. Included in the delivery is the corresponding measurement equipment. The Permanent Mounted Transducer System (PMTS) provides maximum safety for all challenging applications in bolt assembly.
Intellifast GmbH

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