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This week: Automated Precision Inc - API Releases Radian Laser Tracker with INNOVO Technology

ROCKVILLE, MD- Automated Precision Inc., July 25, 2011. (API) today released its new Radian Laser Tracker with the INNOVO Technology Platform. This new and advanced laser tracker changes the way that people use laser trackers. Radian brings with it advanced features that include I-Vision, ADM-Maxx and a host of key activity and self diagnostic features. Already the lightest and most portable laser tracker on the market with its Tracker3, API's Radian is even lighter, and it has a smaller profile than its predecessor or any other laser tracker. The INNOVO Technology platform features on-board intelligence that brings increased confidence to the laser tracker user. It makes him more efficient with his time and in his job. One of the most innovative advancements in INNOVO is I-Vision.

I-Vision is an advanced beam capture technology that has a 30-degree field of view-the widest in the industry. Not only does I-Vision lock on to your target, but it follows you even if the beam is broken. It quickly reacquires and allows you to continue to make measurements.

I-Vision ensures Radian is ready to measure when you are ready to measure. I-Vision allows you to use multiple SMRs and targets. It even allows you to capture and store streaming video and still images for traceability and training purposes. ADM-Maxx delivers accuracies of better than ± 10 microns. It delivers more accuracy, more distance and more stability. The Radian Laser Tracker also monitors key system activities and performs key self-diagnostics, so operators can be sure of the measurements they are making before they start their tasks. API is known for its stable technology, and these features increase that stability even further.

"All of these features are designed to create a laser tracker that is more intelligent, easier to use and optimizes the measurement and inspection processes. Radian lets the user focus on the
job and not the tracker itself," says Dr. Kam Lau, president and CEO of Automated Precision Inc. "API is changing the conversation that people will have about what to expect from a laser tracker." The global launch of Radian takes place on July 25 at www.apisensor.com, where all the details of Radian and INNOVO Technology can be found. API will demonstrate Radian at CMSC 2011, July 26-29, where it first demonstrated Tracker3 in 2005; at CONTROL China, August 23-25, in Shanghai, China; and at MAKS, August 16-21, in Zhukovskiy, Russia. Automated Precision Inc. (API) is a world leader in advanced measurement solutions. Founded by Dr. Kam Lau in 1987, API leads the metrology industry through innovation and higher standards of accuracy.

API products are used by the world's leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool, and CMM manufacturers. The experienced engineering team at API is unmatched in its ability to create advanced, innovative products, which meet the needs of rapidly evolving industries. API is part of AP Group (www.ap-group.co), a global innovator of precision measurement and controls.

AP Group has a rich history of technological innovation, advanced research and a solutions focus. The talent and dedication of everyone at AP Group delivers an energetic and innate understanding of customers and technology that drives the willingness and desire to take on and solve new challenges.

AP Group constantly exceeds expectations, overcomes obstacles, and resolves the issues that each customer faces. For more information contact Automated Precision Europe GmbH, Phone: +49 (0) 6221 729 805 0
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